Dear Daisy,

I am a cat, but I like dogs and I am very much like a dog. I am a very loyal companion. I trot to the door to greet every guest. I follow my people from room to room. I (sometimes) comes when I am called - if it's important. I eat dog biscuits and dog treats. Do you like Bil-Jac? I love to fetch. I can even juggle.

I like all dogs except my stupid cousin Rugby, a miniature Rat Terrier. He is clueless about the alpha-dog thing. He doesn't respect my position and I don't respect him. Do I look like a rat?!

I think you and I would get along just fine, Daisy. For one thing, I think every dog should have a job. I admire your chosen profession, helping our human friends. I have asked my family to send a donation to your school, Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Nip and Nap; that's where it's at, Daisy.
Best Wishes,
Tony (Mr. T.)