Teaching Schedule

Below is my teaching schedule. Only groups that are confirmed are listed here. I do not list tentative arrangements. Please contact the group if you would like to attend a lecture or workshop. They'll have all the information you need to sign up; I'm relatively clueless.

(Contact persons change from time to time and I am not always made aware of these changes.)

Think of 2017 as my "Farewell Tour." It will be my last year teaching on the road. Unless I change my mind about retirement. It's not an easy decision.

You provided one of the best EVER presentations I have been to! You are awesome!!
Lee's Summit, MO
I took your Twisted Sisters class in Nashville, TNI enjoyed your class and learned a great deal from you. You did a wonderful job making the class both a learning experience and fun. I would sign up for another class with you in a heartbeat."
Fran Hessler
Londonderry, NH