Ten Years In The Making

Ten Years In The Making
My Lily quilt, (a.k.a. The Green Monster) has been sitting in a laundry basket, ready for me to finish hand quilting since July of 2001. No kidding. Always in the way, it got moved from sewing room to living room, and back again too may times to count. Back at the beginning of the century I was a house on fire. I quilted that baby every chance I got. But eventually, my attention turned to other things, and there she sat thread basted but not completely quilted.

I'd kick the quilt in it's basket out of the way, stack things on top of it. I even left it "hooped up" for months at a time until the batting was compressed (in places) down to a mere shadow of its former self. I routinely stubbed my toe on the laundry basket. "Aw, why don't you go quilt yourself!" I'd mutter, hopping around on one foot clutching my bruised toe and massaging my ego. On one occasion I accidentally sucked up the corner with the vacuum cleaner. Thank goodness I already had attached the binding, but I took this as a "sign" from above…and stopped vacuuming.

About three months ago I un-bunched the quilt and spread it out on the floor. It's amazing how much dust and dog hair can accumulate on a quilt that does nothing more than sit in a laundry basket for six and a half years. I only had about a dozen more flowers to quilt. I was shocked. I thought there was way more work on it than that. So, I carefully vacuumed off the un-quilted flowers (no sense going overboard) and, working a couple hours a day, I had the quilt done in less than a week! (Official time: 9:39 pm, Monday January 29, 2007.)

While I keep meticulous records about so many things, on used paper napkins from fast food restaurants and the backs of envelopes, I don't think I can tell you when I started this quilt. (If you remember me sewing on it or collecting fabric for it while I visited your guild, let me know.) I CAN tell you we don't have the full sized bed I made the dumb thing for any more!

I've written about it several times here on this web page. I wrote about auditioning the borders, basting it, and finally beginning to hand quilt it.

As near as I can figure out I must have begun collecting fabric and sewing the flowers together in 1997! Ten Years In The Making. A new record, one I can easily eclipse if I just go down to the basement and finish any of the UFOs stored down there.