Ami Simms

I was trained as a teacher and, long ago in another life, I taught second graders. I loved it. After a few years, however, my school district claimed they ran out of students ("declining enrollment") and gave me the boot. I was devastated, but it turned out to be the luckiest day of my life.

I became a professional quilter, combining my two loves: quilting and teaching! I taught for 30+ years on the national circuit. I got to work with people who never failed to inspire me. I only taught subject matter about which I was truly passionate — no spelling or long division — and giggling in class was highly encouraged.

I am convinced that a life without quilting is pretty dull. As I move into retirement, I intend to do even more quilting!

"Thank YOU for a delightful program. Your two workshops were quite possibly the most relaxing ones I have ever attended. It was no nice to be able to learn and laugh at the same time."
Mary Powers
Marble Falls, TX
"Thanks for being such a great teacher and entertaining speaker. We greatly enjoyed having you at our show."
Pam Clark
President, Siouxland Samplers
Sioux City, IA
"You are probably my favorite quilter. Your workshops always are inspiring because you empower your students to think "I Can Do That"!!! The mark of an excellent teacher."
Jean Olsen
Hilltop Lakes, TX
"Thank you, Ami!
Everyone really enjoyed your presentation—I could feel the energy in the room! Thank you so much for coming. We'll have to have you back for a workshop in the future."

Kirsten Campbell
Program Chair
River Bend Quilt Guild
South Bend, IN
"Thank you Ami for a fun and funny class, and getting me excited about quilting again. I have my quilting MOJO back!"
Gloria Beucler
Tucker, GA
"I took a workshop with her, and Ami Simms is easily the most amusing quilting instructor on Earth. Or any other planet. And she owns a Golden Retriever. Need I say more?"
Lynn Flynn
Zion, IL
"I have taken two classes from Ami Simms, both of which were WONDERFUL! I wouldn't hesitate to take any class she offers (including Underwater Fusing). Ami is very entertaining and inspiring, whether she's talking about putting vodka in your iron or the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. She is very supportive in class, and she makes you feel like you could do anything! It's great that she shares the mistakes she has made in the past, which allowed her to discover a better way to do things. Hire Ami now! You won't be sorry!!"
Michelle Ryan
Springfield, IL