Take Good Care Of Yourself (March 2000)

If you can’t think of any other reason to take care of yourself, this one will work: the longer you stay healthy, the more quilts you can make! Toward that end, I had my first Bone Density Study done a couple of months ago. Almost a fun medical test to take. You lay down, fully clothed, and a giant X-ray machine glides over your body. Painless.

Apparently I should have studied harder. I flunked. Got a D. Turns out, somebody goofed and the letter grade of D should have been a B. A little better. I got upgraded from “has bones of 90-year-old” to “brittle twig.” Now I’m learning all about calcium and osteopenia.

Using my list of “Items Oh So Very High in Calcium,” I have invented the perfect drink. I call it a Calcium Smoothie. It’s made out of sour cream, Parmesan cheese, low fat strawberry yogurt, Brazil nuts, chopped broccoli spears, and crushed clamshells. A little gritty, but I figure it will do the trick.

I’m also lifting weights every other day at the gym. Yes, I’m pumping iron. I bring in my Rowenta, stand in front of the mirror with the other jocks and do 12 “reps” in each hand. When I’m finished, I up-end the iron and drain the water reservoir in one gulp. Mmmm....good! (You don’t have to get all your minerals in vitamins, you know!) Then I jump rope with the cord. After that I bench press. Fat quarters; with steam, if I remember to fill up the iron again. I’m gonna have this calcium thing licked in no time.

Seriously, I had no idea I was losing calcium so fast. I’ve taken calcium supplements for years along with a multi-vitamin but I guess that wasn’t enough. You might want to check with your doctor and see if a bone density scan is a good idea for you.
(c) 2000 by Ami Simms.