Frannie Szekely

Szekely, Frannie
This quilt was a gift to my husband's niece, Donna, who turned 11 in April. She is pictured here with her father. I used almost all 'girls in sports' fabric for the patches that were not photo-transfers. We've included pictures of her parents wedding as well as photos from her many dance recitals. Also we put a few of our daughter in there and one of us. Needless to say... she loved it!

Donna has another very special quilt. When she first met her parents, as a foster child, she was wrapped in a blanket donated by a local church group. She was unwrapped and the blanket set aside. When her new grandmother rushed over to see the baby, she happened to catch a peek at the blanket she came wrapped in. Curious, because she belongs to a church group that makes charity quilts, the new grandma flipped it over and discovered her own initials embroidered on the back!

Grove City, OH

This quilt was made with the "Sunshine" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.