Sue & Kathy Real Twisted Sisters

Sue & Kathy
TRULY TWISTED WORKSHOP I'll let Sue Alessi explain:
"I just had to write to tell you about our class. You see my sister Kathy and I are a little "twisted." So when I came across your Twisted Sisters pattern I just knew that we had to teach a class together using your pattern! The class was held at the Calico Gals Quilt Shop where we teach in Fayetteville, NY near Syracuse.

We carried the "twisted" theme to the limit. We played music like "The twist" and "We are Family." We served a twisted lunch: wrap sandwiches, corkscrew pasta salad, twisted cookies and of course, Tropicana Twister to drink! We played twisted games and really just had a fun day.

During the class we gave out goody bags with a twisty straw, Twizzlers candy, and a piece of paper with a color and body part written on it. We used the spin thing from a "Twister" game and whoever had the same color and body part on their piece of paper won a fat quarter. Another prize went to the first person that could produce a twist tie for us.

All of the students were successful and we're making plans for future Twisted Sister quilts. We warned them prior to the class that this is addicting! My sister and I each agreed to make one sample to promote the class; we each ended up making two! (With plans for more in the future).

Thank you for a great, easy to make quilt."

Sue Alessi & Kathy Lupia

This quilt was made with the Twisted Sisters Rotary Template & Pattern.