String Quilting

String Quilting
Here’s a new twist on a time-honored technique to use up lots of scraps. You won't work quite as hard as our foremothers did and you'll have a bunch of "Sunshine & Shadow" blocks at the end of the day. Thanks to speed cutting and piecing techniques, you'll be on your way to a terrific quilt top in a fraction of the time.

You'll create patches from "stringed" fabric (narrow strips of fabric sewn together to make "new" fabric) and sew them with "set" fabric (usually plain/solid fabric) to make blocks. This is a great workshop for fabric you've already got on hand, no matter what color. Blocks can be set together in lots of different ways.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner or Intermediate (NOT your first quilt!)

Supply List: Sewing machine, neutral-colored thread, rotary cutter, mat, 6" x 12" Omnigrid® ruler, quarter- or third- or half-yard pieces of pre-washed 100% cotton quilting weight fabric from your stash, color coordinated only if you wish. Variety is more important than quantity. Bring a minimum of 25 different fabrics to slice into strips. (Please don't haul more than 10 pounds worth.) Leave Jelly Rolls, strips from leftover log cabins and other projects at home; they are too time consuming to work with in class. Fat quarters are workable, but there is much more waste. Over-achievers may begin the cutting process at home ONLY if they can cut perfect strips, not zigzags. (Bring leftover fabric to class.) Divide fabrics into three piles with the same number of fabrics in each: Least Favorite, OK, Most Favorite. Cut several strips the same width from each fabric after folding selvage to selvage. Cut the fabrics in the first pile 1" wide. Cut fabrics in the second pile 1˝" wide. Cut fabrics in the third pile 2" wide. Also bring 2 yards of "set fabric." Black, muslin, beige, or another calm "solid" work well. (See image below.) The set fabric should CONTRAST with your other fabric. Not knowing how big your quilt will be, any leftovers from the 2-yard chunk can be used for borders or backing.
These would make attractive "set fabrics."

Duration: 6 hours

Size Limit: 25 students

Special Room Set-up: Outlets and elbow room appropriate for the number of students and as many irons as the circuit breaker will allow. At least two elevated rotary cutting stations. Two students per 8 foot table is sufficient IF students have access to additional space to rotary cut. Please provide at least three irons for the class. I will need a neutral-handed, clean iron that steams and a full size, stand-up ironing board for my exclusive use. Please make sure the ironing board is adequately padded and has a COTTON cover. Those silvery ones burn my fingers!

Click HERE to see quilts made by students who have taken this workshop or made other String Quilts.

"Thank you for a terrific and relaxed class at Mid-Atlantic. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. You are a wonderful instructor; I have had the privilege of taking workshops from you twice now and will recommend your classes to everyone. I now have a stack of 25 string blocks sitting on my cutting table and can't wait to cut some more and put it all together...all I lack is the time now that I am back home, in real life, again!"
Debbie Voigt