Snow Bear
Dear Daisy,
Let me introduce myself. My name is Snow Bear (but I answer to Bear) and I am a 5 year old male Samoyed. (That's one of the sled dog breeds, but thank goodness we don't get that much snow looks like fun but I bet it's REALLY hard work to pull those sleds.) My owner is Julie and she gets Miss Ami's newsletter and has read all your letters to Mom. I know she even tried to make one of the Puppus Doggus blocks because I ate part of the fabric when she dropped it on the floor. (I mean, it was right beside my face, it was late at night, and I needed a little snack...what's a dog to do??) But she finished the next one she started and sent it to your Miss Ami for the Leader Dogs Quilts.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the picture on the website of a yellow lab sitting in someone's lap. Though I have never met either of you, I assumed that I was seeing you back at home (home=whereever Miss Ami is).

I have to say I'm surprised that all those people who worked with you never identified your true talent. But I am glad that you are back with the person who truly appreciates it. (The talent: being a warm, snuggly, lovey "lap lump" who is there to bring Ami back to earth when she gets off on a thinking quilt fabric isn't to be eaten, or at least nibbled on a little, prior to being used in a quilt. You really need to demonstrate to her more strongly that dog fur GREATLY enhances the warming quality of a quilt.)

Julie (my "Miss Ami") tried to keep me out of her sewing room and off her quilts for a long time. She even loudly declared her sewing room a "LOW TESTOSTERONE AREA" (whatever that means) and Don (her "Mr. Steve") and I haven't been allowed in there since...she even put a gate across the doorway! So, I can't taste test the fabric she gets (but I don't tell Don when a new supply arrives either...I know who buys the dog chow in this family) but I have finally worn her down to the point that she has designated a quilt especially for me. She was taking a bargello quilt class several years ago and while working on it had to have emergency oral surgery and could only eat jello for almost a week. Since she wasn't feeling well, I stayed really close to her and rested my head on her foot at times. Anyway, she appreciated my caring concern so much that when she finished the quilt she labeled it "Bear Jello" and now when it's spread on the sofa I know I am invited to jump up on the sofa and snuggle with her on the quilt. Usually she's under the quilt and I'm on top of it since I already have a double coat and really don't need a quilt to stay warm. But I leave lots of "insulation" on the quilt for her and she doesn't even get mad. So, maybe you should see if maybe your Miss Ami could make you an "Upsy Daisy" quilt for you to share with her on her sofa during the winter.

I'm glad you're there for Miss Ami during this particular time. I know it makes her feel better to have a nice cold nose to nudge her and a warm ear to rub when she hears the network news at night. At our house I was really worried that day in September (from your letter I think it was about the time you went back to Miss Ami's). Julie was staying in that Mary-something hotel that was destroyed that week for her job. Fortunately, she had left the hotel about 20 minutes before anything happened but then she was stranded in the Bronx for two days but got home safely. Thank goodness I didn't loan her any of my toys to play with while she was traveling...she didn't even bring her suitcase home! I tell you Daisy, we have our work cut out for us looking out for these women. I do know that she almost choked me to death hugging me after she finished trying to choke Don when she got home. AND I get more treats these days as well.

Oh well, sorry to have rambled on for so long...but it's nice to know you are safe and sound. I need to get off the computer before I shed enough fur that Julie can tell I was using it after she went out of the room. Tell Miss Ami to just enjoy you being are where you were meant to be...and that's under her feet, in her lap, underneath the quilting frame, and anywhere within arm's reach for a scratch.

Take care of yourself and if you ever get to Virginia, give me a bark. We have some neat places to walk through around here!

Woofs and wags and a BIG Sammy smile to you and Miss Ami,
Snow Bear