Dear Ami and Mattie, My mom and I really enjoy reading about your adventures in the newsletter. I, too, am a sewing dog, although I also do gardening, and I’m enclosing some pictures of me from around Christmastime. As you can see, I am very busy. My job is to sniff and lick all the fabric in Mom’s sewing room. Sometimes I’m really annoyed at the way some fabrics ravel, but I nibble those loose threads right off. It makes the backyard more colorful, too!

Recently, my Nana & Pop Pop died, so now my “cousin” Sugar has come to live with us. She’s only 4˝, but she’s a real introvert. I keep telling her, “C’mon, chase me around the yard!” She needs to get a life. I keep showing her ho to garden—rip the flowers out of the pots and KILL, KILL, KILL! Then you have a nice flowerpot to play with. But, no— Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes is too sedate for that! Really, all she wants to do is lay in the sun and work on her tan. Bite me! How boring!

At least she knows about sewing and quilting from my Nana, or she wouldn’t be a real dog.

Well, I’ve got to go. Somebody’s barking and I need to go check it out.
Until next time,
Snickers, the licker
(a.k.a. “Taz the Spaz”)
and Audrey Flock