Smallest Bathroom

Smallest Bathroom
Sitting on the throne wedged between the side of the tub on one side and the wall on the other I had a total of 4" of accumulated clearance before I hit cold tile or cold porcelain. Not a problem until I corkscrewed into position to claim a piece of toilet paper from the dispenser situated on the wall BEHIND me inside the tub/shower area. No worries. After several warm up twists I had it. When traveling, one has to be flexible.

The tub proved slightly more comical, as it appeared much larger before I actually stepped into it. (Lest you think I exaggerate, I measured it: 40" long by 24" wide.)

Once inside, I immediately realized there was no place to stand. The surface by the drain was decidedly curved, and near the rear of the tub was a step with a 4" rise. I took that to be a seat and sat. This action brought my knees even with my ears.

The telephone-style nozzle in the wall bracket, slightly above where the soap dish should be, was now comfortably above my head, which was a good thing as without my glasses on it appeared to be permanently affixed to the wall. Getting the water to exit north instead of south took some doing, but I figured it out. I was then treated to buckets of warm water, I just had to bathe sitting down in the fetal position. Parts of me got very clean, other parts not so much. Laughing hysterically during the entire process also gave my abs a nice workout.

Hey, if everything is just like home, why bother leaving?