Sharron In Chicago

Sharron In Chicago
Ok - this is one wall out of three of my "Resource center."

I used to own the largest quilt shop in Chicago. Sad to admit about half of this was purchases before I even though about the shop and several piles were purchased from others shortly after I closed.... yeah I knew I would run low for sure after I closed so I "stocked up.'

I also have a bakers rack full of project bags, that is fabric, patterns, etc. that are separate from the library and are for specific projects. My tip mark the bags with masking tape and put various fabric members name on the bags. Mark it even if the project is not for that individual, or ANY individual. You see, if something ever happened to you and your family walked into you "resource center" they probably would think you the old crazy lady with all the fabric. BUT if they find their name on projects to be done, well, now you are the wonderfully thoughtful aunt/sister/wife/mother that was going to make quilts for them.

Happy quilting!
Sharron Evans