Lorrie Shaw

Shaw, L
When I saw your new book I fell in love with you use of the conversational fabrics that are out there. I made the Zig Zag Zoom quilt for a five-year-old named Mary. She is in kindergarten and just learning how to read.

Since I work in an elementary school I realize the importance of language and words and feel these quilts are great learning tools that are fun to have. I went to my computer and typed the words of simple objects she can find on the quilt, like fish, dog, cat, car etc. and laminated them, cut them into small cards and stashed them into the pocket I had sewn onto the back of the quilt.       I also put matching words like you did for find two fish, two bears, two candies, etc. The ideas are endless for these quilts.<

I loved making up the Zig Zag Zoom pattern. Your instructions were well written and fun. I look forward to making some more designs.

Lorrie Shaw
Guildford, CT

This quilt was made with a pattern in Picture Play Quilts.