September 2012

The Ami Simms Newsletter
September 2012

Great news! I'm in Woman's Day magazine! It's all about the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative! I got an advance copy of the magazine which should be out officially on September 11th.

  • With the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative in the news let me share a few updates. The monthly online auction for September started in the wee hours this morning and 27 quilts are waiting for your bids.

  • If auctions aren't your thing and you just want to buy a quilt, there are more than 1,300 quilts ready to buy on the Quilts for Sale page.

  • We've started hoarding quilts for Houston and have 504 of them bagged and ready to ship. Yesterday was the "deadline" for registering quilts for Houston. If you missed it, get your quilt done anyway; we're going to need them after we sell out in Houston. Wishful thinking got us where we are today and that's more than $747,000 raised for Alzheimer's research since January 2006. Mom, I still miss you every day.

I've been making clothesline bowls since 2008, thanks to Susan Breier and her wonderful book, "It's a Wrap." The wrapping has always been an issue for me, however. Sitting at the machine and wrapping as I stitched never did sit right with me. I learned that I much prefer to wrap the entire line and then sew, taking advantage of the "flow" as the bowl is created. I'm willing to sacrifice exact color placement within the bowl for speed and being able to prepare the clothesline while I watch TV in my recliner.

Happily my annoyance with wrapping led me to dye my own clothesline (way fun) and to come up with an actual wrapping tool that holds the clothesline taut so I can use both hands to wrap fast and comfortably. Those who have taken my Fabric Bowling workshops over the years have seen the progression of tools I invented to get the job done.

I am delighted, thrilled, ecstatic, and downright overjoyed to tell you that my official brand new Clothesline PowerWrapper is in production and it's so cool I can't stand it!

The prototype has been quilter-tested and worked perfectly! The only thing I'm changing is the color (white instead of black) and the texture ("nubbly" instead of smooth). I have 18 black, smooth prototypes left and I'm offering them at a 20% discount. They go to the first "bowlers" who order and will ship out next week. Others will still get 20% off for the next 10 days, but will have to wait until mid-October for delivery of their white, "nubbly" PowerWrappers. Order here!

Susan's book, several hundred feet of clothesline, glue pen, and my favorite all-purpose Kai scissors are also on sale and will easily fit into the box with your PowerWrapper. Just realize that shipping will be a little more due to weight, but not nearly as much as having to ship in a separate box. Sale ends September 10th. They're all here.

Speaking of wonderful gadgets on sale, Blue Feather Products has a cute little tool for parking small sewing notions (pins, needles, bobbins, scissors) on your sewing machine. It's a suction cup with a magnet on top and it's on sale too!

This month it’s the Stonehouse Quilters Guild in Manassas, VA (September 8-10) and a full-day appliqué workshop in Alpena, MI (September 22). On September 29th the Oakland County Quilt Guild is having me do a full-day workshop just for them here in my @Home Classroom.

In October I'll be visiting the Casual Quilters of Brighton, Michigan for a lecture and workshop. At the very end of the month and for the first four days of November I'll be in the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative booth selling Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Even if you don't want to buy a quilt, come give me a hug.

If you would like to attend any of these presentations, please see my Teaching Schedule for more details. Click here to find out how you can bring me to your guild. (Have quilts will travel.)

If you've taken a workshop with me or made a quilt from one of my patterns, please let me brag on you! Send me a picture. Not only is it fun to see how your quilt turned out, but it's wonderful inspiration for other students. Email me ONE photo and a little information about you and how you came to make the quilt.

He's working on a blog, but he can only type with one claw on each paw. Very slow. Give him a couple of days.

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