September 2010

Ami Simms Newsletter
September 1, 2010

As always, I'm so glad you double-clicked.

My blog post back on August 12th told me what I already knew. Peg Howard's very "quilty" earrings are awesome!

They are made out of paper and are light as a feather. They're also sturdy as the dickens because they are coated with ultra clear archival plastic. Most of all they are a pleasure to wear because you get so many compliments. There are designs to match any outfit, and the price is right at just $12.50 a pair.

Make the price "RIGHTER" by typing in the word SAVE in the coupon code box and when you order 3 pair or more you'll save 20%, that's just $10 a pair (or, five dollars for each ear.)

As of this instant all except three earring orders have been filled (we're waiting for more of one of Peg's extremely popular designs to arrive very soon) and we actually have extras in stock!

Order up a storm! More than 30 different patterns and colors to pick from, and may I say that I think the earrings she made from my quilts are extra special? My web site is the only place you can get them online. Avoid the rush; start your holiday shopping today!

Order HERE!

As long as we have the Flat Rate Priority Mail Box open, save shipping costs on seven, great tools every quilter needs. (And they'll all fit in the box with your earrings!)

1.Color Ball Pins, $2.99
They're sharp, thin, short (like a pin should be!) and you can iron over them without melting their pretty little heads off.

2.Magic needles, $1.60
I call these self-threading needle magic because they're the best for fishing thread tails to finish off machine appliqué and machine quilting stitches, even though I'm sure they can be used for other things too.

3.Bees Wax, $1.50
There's a reason your grandmother waxed her thread. It just makes it easier to stitch with! Get less knots and tangles with waxed thread. Plus it lasts longer.

4.Bumps, $3.75
The rest of the world calls them Clear Fabric Grabbers, but you use them the same. Stick them on the underside of rotary rulers and templates to keep them from sliding. They're also pretty wonderful on kitchen cabinets to keep the doors from banging shut. Peel, stick, enjoy!

5. Jean-A-Ma-Jig, $2.99
Best thing ever for stitching over thick seams of heavy-weight fabric. Slide it BEHIND your presser foot to elevate its "heel." Really cuts down on broken needles.

6. Pointless Compass, $3.50
"Pointless" because it draws circles WITHOUT the sharp "leg" of a traditional compass. It's safe for kids and klutzy quilters. The Pointless Compass makes circles from 1/4" up to 10" in diameter. Way fun! Send one to school, keep one in your sewing basket, and tuck another one in the scratch pad by the phone for long-winded callers. (Note: we'll have to bend the packaging a tad to get it in the box, but it won't damage your compass.)

7. Ball Point Bodkin, $2.95
Use a real tool instead of a safety pin to feed elastic through a casing or turning narrow fabric tubes right-side out. The right tool actually makes the job fun. (Note: we'll have to bend the packaging a bit to get this one in the box, too, but I'm all about saving you money!)

8. Colonial Needles, $1.99
Get a pack of 20 #10 "betweens" for your hand-quilting pleasure. Small, yet sturdy, with an eye that isn't impossible to thread. It's my needle of choice for hand quilting, appliqiue, and sewing on buttons. I love 'em.

It's silly to buy my Dog-Yeared Calendar quilt because it fits in the box too. Better you should buy it because the pattern is adorable, fun to make, and ON SALE. Why is it on sale? Because I'd really like it if you made the quilt and then wore my Puppus Doggus earrings while standing next to it.

Yes, I need to be told over and over again. Not really. Just head over to Facebook and instead of "friending" me on the Ami Simms page that shows a picture of me when I was six, please select the page with my more recent face (slurping spaghetti) and look for the very tiny "thumbs up" icon that has the word LIKE under it. Click the icon and we'll be connected.

So far 1,190 people have LIKED me on my new Facebook page. I'm shooting for 1,500. Can you help me out? As soon as I reach 1,500 I'll share the picture of me as a 6-year-old. (As if anybody cares.)

I have to keep harping on this, but I write a good blog. And so does Madison. And it's free and it has pictures (most of the time) and you can get it delivered to your very own email box.

Madison wrote about his "hole in one."

I shared the best fortune a quilter could get.

And, I shared pictures of a two small mourning quilts make from shirts of my friend Mark.

I also am the blogger for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative Update blog. Posts there this past month include today's notice of the September auction beginning, the new Honor Roll (perhaps with YOUR name on it), and how we're doing in our efforts to bring 1,000 quilts to Houston's International Quilt Festival.

Then there was the announcement of the World Series Quilt Challenge with photographs of the 8 most amazing quilts and a way you can help by rooting for your favorite quilt or quilter.

And the behind-the-scenes look at The Quilt Show taping of the AAQI segment with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. See the first pictures of Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope exhibit.

My trip to the Shelburne Museum in Vermont (with Madison) was also featured last month. The museum is the last venue for "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece." I am a blogging fiend!

Had a wonderful time teaching for two quilt guilds in Virginia and I'm on my way to Alaska. When am I coming to YOUR neck of the woods? Check out my schedule and see if there's room to add on to an existing booking.
Sounds like Kryptonite, but it is not Superman-related. It is super convenient. It's the best $54.95 I've spent in long time. What is it? It's a service that backs up your entire computer, off site, on super secure servers. Set it up and forget about it. Each document you create is saved automatically and encrypted without slowing things down. (Carbonite waits until your computer isn't doing anything important.)

The first installation is pretty amazing. I backed up 62,000 files! Customer support is excellent, with real people on the telephone. Interested in getting a month free of Carbonite? Send me an email with the word CARBONITE in the subject line. I’ll have Carbonite send you a link. If you decide to purchase the service through the link I send you, you get 13 months instead of just 12 for the same price. I get my subscription extended too. We both win.

Check out my review of Mary Kerr's book, A Quilt Block Challenge: Vintage Revisited.

Looking for a quilt teacher for your guild? Check out the smiling faces at Are YOU a teacher who needs to be found? Same advice:

Jen send me this link to a charming couple playing the piano . It will make you smile for sure.

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Thanks for reading and I'll see meet you in your email box again October 1st.

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