September 2009

The Ami Simms Newsletter
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There's a slight chill is in the air. Summer is over. That means a little more quilting time ahead. The thought of actually snuggling under a quilt seems pretty nice about now. But, since we live in Michigan, it could be 90 degrees tomorrow!

Madison here. Mom's busy. She's admiring the new picture of herself she just put on the home page.

Since she was otherwise occupied, I got to put together a special deal for you this month all by myself. I must say it is very cool. I picked my favorite of all of Mom's patterns, her " Dog-Yeared" calendar quilt pattern. It's the one that comes on the CD. I think it's adorable and not just because I have canine tendencies.

First off, you can appliqué it by machine or paw. (If you hate appliqué, just fuse!) Second, all the dogs in it (one for each month) are very cute and you can tell right away what month they are. Third, you get full-sized patterns, instructions with pictures (those are the best kind), and you get a free fire hydrant for the back of your quilt that is way more realistic than it needs to be, if you catch my drift. (I almost got in a lot of trouble over that one!)

You'll get TWO "Dog-Yeared" pattern CDs (one for you and one for your dog --- or a friend) for a really low price. It's even better than "two-for-one." Plus, Mom said I could email you a line drawing/pattern of a block that looks just like me. If I were green. And flat. After you read the pattern instructions on the CD even a cat could figure out how to put the block together. No worries. (Sorry cats.) The "Madison Block" will be emailed to you.

AND, if you're among the first 100 people to order, then I get to give you a chunk of fabric from my stash. Cool, huh?

Don't wait! This offer is only good until midnight Thursday (9-3-09) or until we run out of CDs. Obviously it's whichever comes first. Please order now so you won't be disappointed:

Love, Madison!

PS: Our normal speedy delivery won't be. Mom is working like crazy on getting the quilts ready to go to Houston and somebody threw in Labor Day this week. We will process orders and ship them out as fast as we possibly can. You'll get an email before they go in the mail.

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The quilts are up for auction. If you've never bid on a little quilt, it's pretty fun. Try it. And tell your friends and family when you do! Tweet it, put it on your Facebook update, and blog about it. Tell people where to go. (Haven't you always had the urge to do that from time to time anyway?!) The more people who visit the auction page the more money we can raise for Alzheimer's research.

Go forth, BID, and take advantage of social networking sites everywhere!

We will have no trouble taking 1,000 quilts to International Quilt Festival in Houston for your purchasing pleasure! Thank you all so much for taking up the challenge.

If you're on the convention floor, check your Internet enabled mobile phone. If you're at home check your computer. AAQI Volunteers will be tweeting quilt numbers as we sell them. Follow "AAQIUpdate" on and you'll know within minutes when your quilt sold. Or someone elses.

Follow us on Twitter!

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Head over to the AAQI home page and scroll down until you see a vertical red line. Those are "tweets," little micro blogs about what we're currently doing, AAQI-wise speaking. Come Festival time (October 15-18) these will be increasing to hundreds of little messages a day. We'll tweet during set up with pictures, and when a quilt sells you'll know about it. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get the buyer of your quilt to pose for a picture! Wow!

We are starting to get more and more Alzheimer's themed quilts for the next traveling exhibit. Please consider being a part of it.

We still have tops that need to be filled up with names. Please help if you can.

There are three new entries on the What Were They Thinking Page.

Gladys Racette and her Mom both made Rag Fur Jackets.

I hope to you in St. Charles, Il later this month. If you'd like to see me, check with the nice people at the Prairie Start Quilt Guild. Check my teaching schedule for details.

Have a wonderful September. I'll see you again October 1st!

Ami Simms