Rhonda Schraub

Schraub, Rhonda
My bee started to trade to do the original ďI Spy,Ē but it was harder to do and I put it off. One of the gals in the bee did your version and I loved it! I teach at the quilt shop where I work, and decided to offer it as a class. So, a quilt was born! Itís a great quilt to make.

I used the leftover fabric for my final border to make it even more fun.

While Iím not yet a Grandma, itís going to stay in my possession for that some-day-in-the-future blessed event. Iím looking forward to playing all the games you researched and included in your book! Iíve already made two and hope to do a few more before the year is over---itís the perfect ďfirst-time GrandmaĒ gift.

Rhonda Schraub
Ft. Worth, TX

This quilt was made with the "Buttons & Bows" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.