Dear Daisy,

I am a member of your fan club! Mom told me about your story and your future plans. You are a credit to the dogs of America.

My story: I am about 6 years old. I don't know much about my background, but I am sure that I come from working dogs, too. I love to dig and pull, especially in the snow. I look just like a Finnish Spitz, but my folks said the Humane Society called me a "mix". My folks were not looking for a dog with a pedigree. They were looking for a sweet, intelligent, beautiful dog who would be faithful and true. They made three trips to the Humane Society before they found the perfect dog, me! Then they sent me to obedience school. School is fun, Daisy!

This is the perfect family, except for the cat. They already had Tony. Mom thinks he is sweet and calls him "kittyboy", but Dad and I know the truth. He is evil. I call him "AC/DC" for "angel cat/devil cat" because he is very cute and cuddly when the folks are at home. After they go to work, Watch Out! Now he juggles. Balls zing past me all day long. The only peace I get is when our little relative Rugby comes to visit. Then Tony hides out for the whole weekend (hee, hee).

Tony and I do agree on two things:
1) Daisy is a doll
2) We would like to send a donation to Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Take time to sniff the roses, Daisy. Just remember, "Work Hard/Play Hard". You can quote me on that, if you like.

Your #1 Fan