Quilter's Portable Workstation Pattern

Quilter's Portable Workstation Pattern
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Quilter's Portable Workstation Pattern
The Quilter’s Portable Workstation is a work surface, project tote bag, and storage unit all in one. It’s made from two pair of gently worn jeans, zippers, webbing, Velcro, buttons, and plastic coated wire clips (sold below).

Use the QPW to elevate your hand appliqué or hand piecing and avoid back and neck strain. The “camper” pillow inside gives your arms a place to rest and a place to park pins. Pockets on the work surface and on the lid keep thread, scissors, seam ripper, marking pencils, and other notions out of your way, yet accessible.

Vinyl coated wire clips, held in place with buttons and belt loops hold up to 14 different patches or block parts. Pockets inside and out store completed blocks or large pieces. The entire workstation zips shut to keep everything in place and the handles make it easy to carry from place to place. (Wire clips, buttons and zippers are not included with the pattern.)

The pattern isn't difficult, but it's not for sissies either. There are 72 steps! BUT, almost every one has a color picture, and there's a cute little check box to mark your progress for each step. There are also five zippers, but don't let that deter you. The instructions are so clear, one pattern tester said, that she got over her "zipper phobia!"


Wire Clips
Vinyl-coated wire clips for completing the Quilters' Portable Workstation, or just because. They're handy for so many things. Assorted colors.
Don't sew denim without a Jean-A-Ma-Jig! Slide this handy tool behind your presser foot to elevate the back "heel." Life is so much easier when you have the right tools!