Quilted on Both Sides

Quilted on Both Sides
This was in a mail-order catalogue. Each page featured "comments by the buyers" meant to inspire us with the quality of the product. I'm just not sure how the inferior products would be quilted on only one side......

Louisa Robertson
British Columbia, Canada

This was so hysterical I googled it. Turns out it's from the Sears catalogue, Canadian version at http://www.sears.ca/product/whole-homer-md-solid-coloured-quilt-set/696-000811703-NMQENTW the text isn't on the picture, but it is right there in the description area.

There is a place to ask a question and I was so tempted to write: "I am a new quilter. I don't care if my quilts last all that long, because I'm not that good yet. Can you please tell me how to quilt on only one side?" But it looks like you have to register to comment. Bummer.