Pellon 820 Quilter's Grid

Pellon 820 Quilter's Grid
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Price is per yard. Sold in 1 yard increments only.

Use Pellon 820 Quilter's Grid for stabilizing fabric when making Amazing Puzzle Balls. It keeps fabric from stretching for easier sewing, prevents Amazing Puzzle Balls from losing their shape, and reinforces fabric at stress points.

Additionally, Pellon 820 Quilter's Grid provides a high contrast surface upon which to mark cutting lines and the printed 1" grid helps to line up templates on the fabric with respect to grainline, should you elect to do so.

The grid also makes it easy to find in a drawer full of fusibles and interfacings without having to write the type, brand, or number on a corner before throwing it in the drawer.

No matter what the fabric, you will be fusing Pellon 820 Quiter's Grid to the wrong side of all fabrics. See Yardage & Supplies.