Patti in Vancouver
Since I'm allowed only one picture this is the best I can do.

This 4'X 8' shelf used to be half full of quilting books, but they have moved to another room since the fabric took over (so did the books—over 650 and still counting). The shelf holds all my fat quarters, which are sorted by color, plus sets of reproductions, plaids and small background pieces. It also holds collections of larger pieces such as 30's, Christmas, solids, novelty fabrics, plaids, flannels and florals. You can barely see on the right the 30 stacking plastic bins which hold larger pieces (½-yard and bigger) sorted by color, as well as backgrounds and larger '30's pieces.

The "island" in the center is made of stacking plastic drawer and shelf cubes, topped by a wooden riser shelf on each end, then the closet door. This is my wonderful cutting table - perfect height. Projects in progress as well as patterns, threads, other supplies, bolts of fabrics like muslin and lots of other stuff live in and on top of these 20 plastic cubes. In the back on the left you can barely see the 2 rolling plastic carts that hold more tools and supplies such as stenciling equipment, fabric paints and dyes, etc.

A 4-drawer filing cabinet full of patterns and articles from 20 years of quilting magazines also lives in this corner. On the wall to the left that you can't see is a window, under which is my sewing machine and a stack of large plastic bins holding completed block sets, appliqué blocks, spools of ribbons, cut strips of larger size (1 1/2" and wider) and other stuff.

Behind me as I take the picture live my iron and ironing board in front of my design wall. There is a bookcase in this corner holding lots of bins with sorted scraps, as well as magazines and books. In the corner between the plastic bins and fat quarter shelf is the small closet with a slanted roof (it is under the stairs) where some of my UFOs live in a towering stack, as well as a large scrap bin and some of my clothes.

It's all in pretty good shape right now, because I cleaned things out and gave all my old multi-colored tiny calicos to the Caring and Sharing Tree Committee for our guild. It's usually not nearly this clean.

Thanks for letting me share. I thought my stash was totally scary, but I see on your website that many others are just as big as mine! I have been quilting for about 20 years, and am totally frustrated by the fact that I have to go to work instead of quilt!

Patti in Vancouver WA