Kiersten Pasciak

Pasciak, Kiersten
I recently made two quilts based on your pattern "Child's Play" from the book "Picture Play Quilts". Instead of cutting the blocks to size and traditionally quilting, I chose to keep the blocks the size of your audition templates, leaving a nice 1/2" seam allowance (I cut the blocks to 3" and 4").

I layered each block with a same-size piece of flannel wrong sides together and sewed the pattern with all the seams to front. I then clipped the seam allowances and put the quilt through the washer and dryer to create a rag quilt. I hope they might inspire someone to try using your patterns who is in a hurry or perhaps doesn't enjoy the quilting part of making a quilt :)

Thanks for this great book!

Kiersten Pasciak
Bedford Heights, OH