Panama was wonderful. Our first stop after Panama City was the town of El Valle where we hiked through the rain forest and swung through trees in the Canopy Adventure. Highly recommended. What fun!

Our next stop was Achitupo, an island off the northern coast of Panama, in search of molas made by the Kuna Indians. We stayed on Dolphin Island, a stone's throw away from Achitupo.

The food on Dolphin Island was terrific. I don't know what kind of fish this was, but it was absolutely delicious with the Creole sauce on top. I ate every morsel, most of it without benefit of knife and fork. (Hey, it was kind of dark, nobody noticed!)

The people on Dolphin Island were wonderful and took great care of us. Here I am going native after having my nose painted, sporting the best in Kuna fashion. (I am also trying to appear short, but it's not working!)

After four days on Dolphin Island we took some really small planes to Rio Sidra. Dee and Fran pose with their "mosquito." The rest of us flew on a BIG plane. It seated 10.

The airports weren't much bigger than the planes. You're looking at the terminal at Rio Sidra. From there we took a 45-minute canoe ride to our island paradise of Kuanidup.

Life on our little island was hard. All that sand, and sun, and the crystal clear (and WARM) Caribbean water.

Here's my bug tent so I could sleep critter-free. What a great idea.

Here are just a few of the molas I bought, hanging in my Displayaway outside my office.

This is one of the fish molas I got on the island of Achitupo....

....and another fish mola.....

....and a hand mola. I don't know what the meaning is of this design is, but I saw the shapes on the arms as hourglasses and the hearts on the hands and think it should remind me of the time I like to spend sewing. Gotta go!

For information on the next quilters’ tour to Panama, please contact my friend Louise Young.