Jan Palin

Palin, Jan
I have to tell you about a quilt I gave away this week.

A note was circulated about a fellow in my work group (of 300 people) that told us how his 5-year-old son was rushed to the local hospital with breathing difficulties. The hospital stabilized him and then air-lifted him to the Children's Hospital in Orlando—Arnold Palmer Center for Women and Children. They are the best in the area/state.

We all waited for words of encouragement telling us the son was out of the woods and it was all a simple problem. Well those words didn't come. As it turns out, the small boy has a growth between his ribs and lungs that turned out to be cancer. The prognosis looks really good, but the road to the green pastures sounds like it could be quite long and several chemo treatments.

So I did a Picture Play Quilt in the lap size - something he could take to the hospital or where ever he needed to go. I chose prints from sports, animals, airplanes and since we're involved with the Space Race, I picked rockets and astronauts, too. The connectors were neon colors. For the back I found a super Harry Potter panel that I added borders too. So he has the Picture Play on one side and magic on the other.

I copied the games from your book and made a care package for the parents. Then I wrote a note to Alex (the boy) telling him about the quilt's sides. Hopefully, it will cheer him up when he needs it. Hopefully the games will provide some sunshine when he needs it.

Turns out his granny is in my quilt circle. We've never met, but the gals at the shop overheard her telling about Alex's condition. The shop staff has been our connection.

Well, didn't want to drag this out. Thanks again for creating the wonderful patterns and books and stuff. We all have fun with it and we've been finding the most creative things to do with it.

Jan Palin
Cocoa, FL

This quilt was made with the "Hugs & Kisses" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.