Heather Pachall

Pachall, Heather
I made this Twisted Sisters quilt for my six year old step-daughter. She and I went to our local quilt shop and I asked her to pick out her favorite fabrics. She picked out more than I had expected, so I bought two yards of each and brought them home to decide the best pattern for her color choices. About the same time, I received the Twisted Sisters pattern and template in the mail, so I decided that her color choices and the fun twisted sister pattern would be a perfect marriage.

I am very frugal about fabric use, so I saved the leftover triangles from the block and pieced the fat ends together to form the inner border. It was time consuming, but I was pleased with the results.

Thank you for the great pattern! The template worked wonderfully.

Heather Pachall
Redondo Beach, CA

This quilt was made with the Twisted Sisters Rotary Template & Pattern.