Marla Ostrowski

Ostrowski, Marla (2)
I named my first Twisted Sister Quilt "Candy for my Grandson" because he is getting it for Christmas. He loves candy so I'm hoping he likes the quilt just as much. All the twists are different types of candy. I used all the scraps for the back of the quilt.

As you said at our Guild meeting the Twisted Sisters quilt is habit forming. I made a second quilt using all snack foods (pretzels, potato chips, pop corn, peanuts, cookies, etc.) On this quilt I did not use sashing strips and I liked the finished quilt much better. I named this quilt "Snacks."

I took your class at the Kankakee Quiltmakers Guild in Kankakee, IL. Tammie Ostrowski quilted both quilts for me.

Marla Ostrowski
Kankakee, IL

These quilts was made with the Twisted Sisters Rotary Template & Pattern.