October 2012

October 2012
The Ami Simms Newsletter
October 2012

I was vacuuming in preparation for a workshop in my @Home classroom when Scooter posed on the steps. I snapped it fast. It turned out cock-eyed, plus the vacuum cleaner handle got in the way. I "artistically" cropped, and, well, the dog looks cute anyway.

It's Fall. It's too soon. The leaves are turning, the temperatures have dropped, and I'm expecting news of the first frost warning any day now. Is it too early to count the days until spring?

You'll notice that I've started putting a block from my Dog-Yeared calendar quilt up each month on my home page. Scooter suggested this. Since it's October this month's dog-themed block is Puppus Doggus (the Latin name for this species) wearing a Halloween costume. Adorable.

I mention this now, because the worst time to start a block-a-month project is January. Seriously, it's just too much stress. You would have to actually make ONE BLOCK EVERY MONTH.

When is the best month? October! (You predicted that, right?) Why October? Three reasons: First, you still have to make one block every month, but you will be finished well before Thanksgiving, stress free. (Please don't question my logic.) Second, if you do have to skip a month because life just gets in the way, you have three whole months to catch up. Finally, and most importantly, my Dog-Yeared Calendar quilt (for machine or hand appliqué, full-size patterns, the whole deal, on a CD you pop in your computer) is MAJORLY until October 10th. Check it out!

Need encouragement? Why not make this a project with your bee? If you don't have a bee, perhaps another insect? Up to four CDs fit in a priority box for just $5.35 shipping anywhere in the US, making 12 months of entertainment with your friends extremely affordable. Plus, when you finish your quilts, I'll put them up on my website and Scooter will bark loudly to congratulate you. He may also be barking at the squirrel in the back yard, the one that taunts him, at the same time. I feel I have to disclose that. Truth in advertising and all that.

I haven't mentioned recently how much I love Bohn Marking Pencils with the white substance inside that marks beautifully on dark fabrics. I'm officially stating that I do. Very much. Depending on the type of appliqué you prefer, you might even find it extremely helpful if you're making…..ah, let's see…..dog-themed blocks. (I also mark quilting lines with my Bohn Marker, when you get to that step.)

If you happened to purchase two Dog-Yeared CDs and two Bohn Markers, they would all fit in the one box and ship for $5.35. But you shouldn't buy them just because they fit in the box with your CDs. You should buy them because they mark a line you can see that comes out when you want it too. (And because they are on sale.)

You'd never know this from the label on the packaging, but the pencil comes with TWO white "leads" inside, plus a refill container with 6 more. I know this because I just opened up a brand new package and looked. So if you are the first person to order, I'm the one that put the tape on the sides of the package, and that blonde hair that got caught in the tape isn't mine, it's Scooter's.

Scooter also thinks I should mention that if you're going to be making small precise cuts, say around dog noses and ears that you should be very careful. (I tried to explain they are not REAL dogs in the pattern, but, you know….). He recommends (and so do I) Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors, the 4" ones with the serrated blades that keep the fabric from slipping as you cut. He doesn't have thumbs so he can't tell you how nicely they cut, and he would prefer that the dog treat commercial on TV that keeps reminding dogs that they don't have thumbs would cut it out (pun intended) because it makes him feel sad sometimes that he doesn't have thumbs, something he had never realized before the commercial. He perked up a little when I told him the scissors were on sale until the 10th.

Be that as it may, I have checked and I can get two CDs, two Bohn Marking Pencils, and one pair of Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors in the same box for $5.35. If you don't mind me taking the scissors out of their packaging, I can put TWO pair of scissors in for the same low shipping.

Scooter thinks that you ought to get something extra for making quilts with dogs on them. He had me pack up a box with 2 CDs, 2 Bohn pencils, and 2 Perfect Scissors. He pointed out that there is room for a dog biscuit too. If he's willing to share, then so am I. Order it all right here!

Here's all the latest news. Click here. Thank you for your support of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. I know many readers have been instrumental in the success of our mission and that means the world to me.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. Have a fun Halloween. Should you be Trick or Treating at International Quilt Festival in Houston, please come by the AAQI booth (Exhibit Area) during Preview Night and say hi. It would be wonderful to meet you. Bring your wallet; it's for a good cause.

I'll be in your email box on November 1st AND at International Quilt Festival. Let's see if I can pull THAT off!

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