October 2009

The Ami Simms Newsletter
October 2009
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Madison's nose should be turning from black to pink any time now, the sure sign that summer is over, fall is with us, and winter is around the corner. Don't ask me why his nose changes colors. I don't know and neither does the Vet. I also don't know why his tail always goes in a clockwise circle (at least from my vantage point behind him) whenever he galumphs down the stairs, but it does, every time.

If I ask Madison to do something he doesn't understand, his rear goes up in the air, he slides his front paws towards me and "bows." I'm not sure why he does that either, but he's fairly predictable about it. Since I began saying "good bow" every time he did it, he now will "bow" on command also.

Even more extraordinary than his changing nose color, clockwise spinning tail, and pensive bowing, is his desire to "hug paw." If you are sitting with your legs crossed, he will walk up to you, sit in front of you, and in the most gentle way hold the ankle of your dangling leg with his paw. He cuddles it, holding it against his chest and looks adoringly into your eyes. When he gets tired balancing on three legs, he just changes fore legs. Is that just the sweetest thing? Could I be any more besotted by a dog? (No.)

If you have been reading my blog, I bet you wondered what happened to me this month. Not as many posts as I usually write, but I have lots of ideas floating around in my brain and they should exit shortly.

If you've never read my blog, here is the link to Through The Eyes of a Quilter.

Have you ever wanted to find other Quilting Bloggers in your country, province or state? Have you ever wanted to see what other quilters from around the world are making? Now you can, with the Quilting Bloggers Directory. More than 3,360 bloggers listed from 66 different countries. Take a look!

I've just returned from a fine time with the Prairie Star Quilter's Guild in St. Charles, IL. What a terrific group! After Quilt Festival in Houston I'll be teaching for AQS in Des Moines. There are still a few openings in my Twisted Sisters workshop and at my lecture, "Living With Quilts: A Survival Guide." That's October 28-31.

After Iowa I'll be in Florida for "World Quilt— Florida" in West Palm Beach, FL. That's November 12-14, 2009. I get to host the Teacher's Meet & Greet plus teach A New Way to Applique, Twisted Sisters, and String Quilting. Fore more information, click here.

Looking ahead to 2010, I might be coming to your neck of the woods if you live in Texas (Arlington, Ft worth, Weatherford, Woodlands, and Kingwood); Michigan (Lansing and Grand Rapids); Massachusetts (Waban); New York (Waterford); North Carolina (Oak Ridge); Virginia (Woodbridge); and Alaska (Valdez).

Check out my teaching schedule and contact information.

I often add on to existing bookings (hello out there near Woodbridge VA), but if I'm not close to where you are you can bring me to your area, click here for more details.

You can also find me at www.FindAQuiltTeacher.com with more than 100 local, national, regional, and international quilt teachers.

If you're a teacher we shouldn't we be finding YOU on FindAQuiltTeacher.com too. Get listed!

1. The October "Slow & Silent" Small Quilt Auction is underway! Bid often; bid high! All profit funds Alzheimer's research.

2. We're taking 1,077 quilts to International Quilt Festival in Houston, Oct 14-18. If you can't find your quilt, search for your NAME.

3. I'm "tweeting" every sale so donors will know when their quilt sells and volunteers can update the web page daily. Follow along here.

4. We still need quilts. The Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt project is on-going.

5. Quilts for the next traveling exhibit will be selected from donated Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts. Read the prospectus .

6. I did an interview with an NPR radio station WVIA-FM in PA and the 30-minute interview was aired today. It will be re-broadcast on Sunday at noon. You can listen from anywhere in the country if you have a high speed Internet connection with streaming audio. Listen here.

7. Be part of the next traveling exhibit to debut in January 2011 by helping us honor and remember 10,000 names of people who have/had Alzheimer's. Rent a Quilt Top here.

If you would like content to include in your blog, guild newsletter, web page, or other publication about the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, email me. Let me know your name, the name of your publication, and the URL (if on the web). I would be happy to include you on our New Release distribution list so that you can share news about the AAQI with your readers. No charge. Share all or just parts. You decide.

Martha Wolfersberger made a Picture Play Quilt.

My friend Hollis Chatelain is creating a traveling exhibit of quilts and photographs called Imagine Hope. It will begin traveling in 2010 to create a public awareness of the diverse people on this planet, their beauty, their problems, and the hope that they hold out for themselves. The images in this exhibit are meant to inspire positive change, no matter how small, in oneself and globally. Hollis is an incredible artist. She has won many awards for her quilts and believes that art speaks directly to the soul. If you have ever seen her work, you know how true that is. The images she creates with fabric, dye, and thread are not easily forgotten, nor are they appreciated on just a single level.

Several of the Hollis' quilts that will be part of the Imagine Hope exhibit are going to be shown at the International Quilt Festival in Houston later this month. See them in booth #814. If you can't make it to Houston, do spend a few moments at www.imagine-hope.org. You can help make this exhibit a reality with your financial support.

Hard to believe people keep track of this stuff, let alone DO it, but there is actually a new world record for the fastest time to recite all 50 United States in alphabetical order while being hit in the head with a spoon. It may be pathetic, but it is not violent. It is also mercilessly, very short. Just 21.1 seconds. You won't need to watch it twice.

If you have ever read art critiques and wondered exactly what they were babbling about, this won't help you. BUT the Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator will let you create your own unintelligible gibberish sure to impress anyone you try it on, provided you have the talent to memorize it and deliver it with a straight face. Here's what it generated for me: "It's difficult to enter into this work because of how the aura of the gesture notates the inherent overspecificity." How could anyone argue with THAT? Try it.

Finally, here's one for animal lovers and golf nuts. It defies description. Enjoy!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT There will be a special announcement next week. It is so exciting it has to have its own newsletter. I don't want to spill the beans just yet, but just be prepared for a one-sentence newsletter very soon.

Here's a hint. FOUR QUILTS. JUST FOUR.

Make it a great day!