Obedience Class For Madison

Obedience Class
Mom signed me up for Obedience Class. We go on Wednesday night. There are lots of dogs in the class with us. One is a Retriever just like me, but he's a Jump Dog. He'll do anything his person wants him to do except that he has to jump straight up in the air first. There are three little foot stools with legs. I don't see how they can be dogs, but they're in the class, so they must be.

There's a very large hairy dog that I am moderately afraid of. I have to really look hard to find the right end to smell. There is also a small mop wearing a leash that acts like a dog and smells like a dog but is way too small to be one. It jumps constantly and tries to run up it's lady's leg. It's called a terrier. Apparently that's a hamster of some kind.

We also have a Sideways Dog. He walks at an angle as far away from his person as his leash will allow. She pulls one way and he pulls the other. It must be because his head is in a cage and it's probably heavy. He looks each of us dogs in the face one by one when he comes to class and growls. As soon as he's made it down the line he's OK.

Then there's a big yellow lab that weighs almost as much as my Mom. I do anything he wants. If they tell him to sit; I sit. If they tell him down; Iím down. I just don't want him to eat me.

We have a dog who is pretending to be deaf. Every time her people call her she pretends not to hear them. All us dogs get a big kick out of that. We laugh, but not out loud.

Anyway, I joined the Obedience Class because I wanted to be a Therapy Dog. I was already very obedient, but that's the first step. Turns out Aunt JoAnne knows the lady who gives the Therapy Dog test and she arranged for me to have my Canine Good Citizen test and my Therapy Test early. And I passed! Both of them! The tests were really fun. I had to do sit, down, stay, come and the usual stuff. I also had to go by food and not eat it. I had to be very still when Mom greeted another person, and do it again when the other person had a dog. No smelling or anything. I had to walk right next to Mom with a loose leash and no pulling (which I do all the time anyway) and we went right next to wheelchairs and canes and walkers. Since I've also practiced with elevators and chair lifts that was no problem. I also had to stay away from Mom for 3 whole minutes and not go berserk. I was great.

I should get my picture ID soon, but meanwhile we've already been to our first assisted living place. I got petted a million times and fetched balls and dressed up in a tuxedo. My friend Charlie took a basket around and gave out presents. (Don't worry, not the kind we leave on the lawn.) Us boys were a big hit. So, if you need a little cheering up some day. Let me know and we'll come over and you can pet me and get a present from Charlie.

Meanwhile, I'll relax. It's hard work.