November 2012 (Part One)

The Ami Simms Newsletter
Pre-November 2012

Yes, I'm a little EARLY with the newsletter!

There's so much news, I'm splitting the traditional November 1st newsletter into two parts, neither of which will be delivered to you on November 1st. You get the first part today (you're reading it), and the second part in early November. Don't ask me when. (Early is a relative term.)

Scooter has a new video for you to enjoy.

Use this link to share it with others. (He likes making new friends.)

I know January is the time for resolutions, but let's get real. You really have to ease into them. Here's a good one: Planning on making little gifts for the holidays? Start NOW!

Would you like to make a little something for the quilters in your bee? Presentos for your kids' teachers? Something for the old-fashioned people you know who actually read books printed on paper? I'm talking those fabulous bookmarks you make with Kim Templin's Double Diamond Ruler set. Oh yes!

I had so much fun making these that I designed my own pattern (free when you purchase the rulers from me), and I put together a starter kit for you. And since I'd like to give my favorite newsletter readers (that's you) a little gift, I'm including a free fat quarter of cotton batik fabric with each ruler set sold, until I run out. I have 50 fat quarters, so stop reading momentarily and order. Then come back and read the rest of the newsletter. I'll wait. Hurry! Go!

Order the rulers!
Order the Starter Kit!

Well done…. I hope you noticed the bright green text right above the order buttons that says orders will be processed starting November 7th.

While you're thinking ahead, sign up for my online String Star class starting January 7th. Grab a friend or three and take it together. Take it with your sister or your friend in Mississippi. Invite your bee. Invite your whole guild! I've got room.

The String Star quilt is adorable, and a blast to make. Here's one Carole Doyle made after taking my online class.

Best of all, I'll be standing over your shoulder (virtually, of course) the whole time. Post your comments to each lesson (kind of like raising your hand in class) or if you're too shy, just shoot me an email. I'm on call just for you for a whole ten days and the lessons are available for another ten days after that.

If you take the String Star workshop from me in person, you only get my undivided attention for a measly six hours. Surely you'll be able to fit in 6 hours of quiltmaking in to 20 days. Of course you can! Work at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and leave that heavy machine of yours right were it is.

Sign up now!

Did you know that the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative has almost 350 quilts for sale at this very moment? Some are as low as $10 because we're just running out of room to store them all. You'll find some real bargains while you help raise money for a very good cause. All profits fund Alzheimer's research.

Buy some quilts here!

OK, I'm holding it up to the monitor for those of you who aren't reading this newsletter on my website….

The AAQI is offering a free newsletter. When you sign up to receive it, you will be in the drawing to win "Bright Star" by Martha Wolfersberger. It's an awesome little quilt that measures a mere 8.25" x 12" but wait until you click on the picture to see it magnified. Actually, don't wait, go look at it right now and sign up for the AAQI's free newsletter, coming really, really soon.

Sign up here!

As you also are no doubt well aware, the AAQI auctions quilts online during the first 10 days of every month. In November, we have a very special offering — quilts by some of the most talented and famous quiltmakers around:

Alex Anderson
Hollis Chatelain
Caryl Bryer Fallert
John Flynn
Diane Gaudynski
Becky Goldsmith
Pat Holly
Libby Lehman
Marsha McCloskey
Sue Nickels
Mary Sorensen
Ricky Tims

Most of these quilters don't ordinarily sell their work which makes our auction very, very special. And exciting. The auction starts November 1st. And, just like everything else, all profits fund Alzheimer's research.

Here's a little tease….

If the auction isn't your thing, tell a friend.

If you'd like to own a "piece" of these quilts, images of all 12 quilts by our celebrity quilters have been put on T-shirts, tote bags, teddy bears, cell phone covers, water bottles, and a bunch of other cool things. Shop here!

Many readers of this newsletter have been with me for a long time. You know that I started the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative because my mother had Alzheimer's. You've been with me throughout her illness and lifted me up with your kindness when she passed. In a recent blog I shared some videos of Mom that you might want to watch. Click here.

The AAQI is going to be offering 2,185 quilts for sale at IQF Houston. Preview is Wednesday night and the show runs through Sunday. Please come and find us in Row S (like Simms) in the Exhibit Hall, way up at the front of the room. You'll hear us before you see us because we clap home every quilt.

We desperately need help in the booth this year. It's huge and we have more quilts than ever before. If you can help for a short time or a 2 to 3 hour block, please go here to learn more and sign up.

Thems that read all the way to the very end knows most!

Syntax, grammar, and spelling aside, through a quirk of fate our booth is not in the very last row of the Exhibit Hall as it had been last year. We designed our booth for 2011 and 2012 the same way. When we got our booth assignment from IQF we realized that our booth's plain and empty behind was facing the nice folks in Row T. But we didn't really REALIZE what that meant: 30 feet of boring black drape and that's it.

Long story short, at the very last hour we saw the light (or the dark drape) and decided to hang some of the exhibit quilts traveling in "Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope on our back and side walls! They are in transit as you read this. (Fingers crossed they arrive in time please.) It is not the entire exhibit, but for the first time in Texas, you will be able to see the first 66 quilts. That’s Name Quilts 001-051, and Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts 1-15. That's five out of the 18 "walls" of the traveling exhibit.

And here's the super exciting part: we brought more exhibit quilts! If we sell enough quilts, we will have more wall space to hang more exhibit quilts. It might be possible that by Sunday you will be able to see HALF the traveling exhibit in Houston!

Two words: BUY QUILTS!

Thank you for reading all the way to the end!

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