Item# Necklite
Type color neck strap preferences in Comment section of order form (shopping cart) but select from this drop-down list first:  This item is currently out of stock!

Thank you so much for liking this light on FaceBook!

Neck Strap Colors (The light itself is BLACK.)

I am out of NeckLITES. I expect my next shipment to arrive in mid-May. Please email me at and I'll email you as soon as I get the lights in so you can have first crack at them.

Neckstrap colors are shown above. (The ones not marked with an X are available, unless someone else beats you to it.) Please don't forget to put a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd color choice for the neck strap in the comment section of your order. While I will try to keep the image current, it isn't an automated process and I'm not sitting in front of my computer 24/7. I will do my best to get your favorite color, but I will also take you at your word that you will accept any color I happen to have left when I get to your order when you select that option from the drop-down box.

I'm in love with this light. It's the brightest light I've ever stitched with. It is incredibly lightweight, and very easy to put on an adjust. Did I mention it's BRIGHT! Click the smaller picture to see the "on/off" switch and the lights. The little gold strip lights up like nobody's business!

The NeckLite weighs only 2 and 3/4 ounces and that's with the two AA batteries (not included). The neck strap goes around your neck, not over your head, and fastens on either side of the light with very strong magnets. The magnets actually allow you to tilt the light up or down so the light goes where you want it to go. AND THE LIGHT SAYS PUT! Further adjustments (so that you can hike the light up or lower down on your chest) are made by moving the bead on the neck strap.

Take a look at these pictures!

I took these in the bathroom, the only room in the house that is totally dark when I turn off the lights (picture #1). My iphone is set to "no flash." None of the pictures have been retouched or PhotoShopped. I did crop them, however. Picture #2 was lit only with the NeckLite (around my neck) and about 20" away from the fabric. Picture #3 is me just goofing around, but you can see how bright that little light is and I don't even have it pointed at the camera! Do NOT look directly at the light or you'll see spots for quite a while! Ask me how I know...

***You will need a very tiny Phillips head screwdriver to install the batteries, like the size you would use to fix your eyeglasses. If you have a color hatred or preference, please list it in the comment section of your order.***

  • Takes 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • 10 hours run-time
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Made in USA


Sewing Machine Light
This item is currently out of stock!

I just received the NeckLITE I ordered from you and I can't believe the difference it makes. Thank you so much for making us (me) aware of this. It is just amazing.
Donna Parratt, CT
Now I can do my hand work in front of TV without hubby complaining about lights while he's trying to "rest his eyes"...haha.
Karen Morgante, TN
Wow is it bright! It lights up the whole room and makes very interesting hand puppets on the wall if the other lights are off.
Carol Currid
West Harwich, MA
I already find my new light indispensable! Love it! I also bought one for my friend who does rug hooking and counted cross stitching. I'm sure she'll like it as well.
Carolyn Pump
Tawas City, Michigan
I got my neck light and tried it out today. Wow. I've been looking for the right light to use in my sewing and have finally found it. It's comfortable, very bright and puts the light right where you need it. Plus you don't have to plug it in or find room for it on a table so you can work anywhere. I'm loving it!!
Nancy Costea
Clarendon Hills, IL
Oh my goodness! Got my light and it is fabulous. It's smaller than I expected and weighs nothing. Can't wait to do some stitching with black thread on black fabric. At night. Thanks Ami!
Terry Chilko
Morgantown, WV
"I received the light and it is really great. I used it in the car coming home late one night and itís perfect. My husband liked it that it didnít bother him at all."
Carol Ann
Birmingham, AL
"My neck light arrived yesterday and itís AWESOME. Far brighter than other neck-based lights Iíve tried... It will come in handy for my hand-quilting, knitting, and reading on my older Kindles that arenít backlit. Thanks for finding such a great product."
Mary Anne Shew
Webster, NY
"Just received my order today. Wow! This is great. Because of several eye problems and being Ďmature,í I need more and more light to continue sewing and reading. So I recently dug out a neck lamp that I purchased at a local quilt show several years ago and have been using that, it helps, but it was not really comfortable. I kept thinking that someone surely has come up with a better item now. And then I received your blog and the description of the NeckLite, Iím so glad that I followed through and ordered it. This one will be easy to travel with and since it works on batteries, Iím no longer tied to an electrical outlet.

Thank you for your gracious help when I called to get help with my order. A pleasure to do business with you."

Mary P.
Hemet, CA
"The neck light is "brilliant"!!! With aging "peepers" I have not been able to do any handwork such as knitting or needlepoint at night without turning on a light that illuminates the entire neighborhood! Thank you for this great find!"
Julia Macpherson
Bokeelia, FL