Tunie Moreno

Moreno, Tunie
I have loved making your Rag Fur Jacket. I have never enjoyed making anything so much and grinned so much while making it.

I turned 60 about a week ago and was laughing with friends here that this jacket reminds me of the “when I grow old I shall wear purple” poem. I am sorry I waited so long to embrace that freedom, and have given your website to many Australian friends. They already think I’m “different” being the only Californian they have ever met. LOL I tell them I’m just “evolved”. Your jacket will be worn next week to my lace group for all to ogle.

Speaking of ogling, I have 2 wild pet peacocks here and one of them did a double take looking at the jacket as I was preparing to photograph it and email to a friend. I think he’s in love with it.

Cheers from way down under in the southwest tip of Oz—
Tunie Moreno

PS: I was just putting the rag fur leftovers in a basket I made years ago and it called for me to sew some on for fun. I was merrily sewing away and notice the bobbin tension was a bit loopy (so am I after 3 days of sewing on lunatic fringe) and realized I hadn’t put the presser foot back down after lifting to fit the coiled basket under it. It has worked out OK, but just thought you’d like to see another possible use for the treasured leftovers. I will store them in the basket in my sewing room as “art” in waiting…

I put it back on the table to take a picture for you and the same peacock looked at it and fell asleep! They have “micro sleeps” on one side of the head at a time like dolphins. I guess the basket wasn’t as exciting to him as the jacket.

It will probably look better when washed and fluffed, but I like it and am laughing at all the possible and probable places the fur will appear now. Nightgown yoke is next.


For more information about the Rag Fur Jacket pattern, click here.