Moe in Sylvan Lake, IL
Earlier this year my husband took down a wall between two small bedrooms upstairs so I could bring my "stash" up out of the damp basement into a sunny sewing studio! I've been quilting since 1986. I'm proud to say I still have fabric and UFO's from that year!

This photo shows about a third of my fabric as there's still plenty in the basement that needs to come up. The left side of the shelf unit is categorized by theme on each shelf, i.e., Halloween, Dog Fabric, and 1930s repros. On the bottom are large pieces for backings. On the right the fabric is categorized by color, and one shelf is full of wool for wool applique. The plastic tubs hold either projects or themes.

Every time I walk into my new sewing studio I feel perfectly happy!

Sylvan Lake, IL