Dena Miller

Miller, Dena
My sister and I attended one of your sessions at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival two years ago and we both really enjoyed it. I got your Picture Play pattern book and couldn't wait to get started! I immediately went through my stash and then started collecting novelty fabrics wherever I went. We moved from Chelsea, MI to Green Bay, WI last summer, and once we were settled, I was finally able to start! Even with the small strips I bought, I easily had enough fabric to do two quilts at once, and so I made one for a teacher friend of mine whose grandchildren are the same ages as mine. I had so much fun doing them!

I am sending you pictures of both...very similar, but a little different layout with the colors. Plus, hers has Michigan teams and mine, Wisconsin teams (below). I haven't sewn the buttons on mine yet...I sewed "shape" buttons on hers, but was going to let her decide if she wanted more. The buttons were almost as fun to look for as the fabric! With teaching in mind, I made sure to include the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and so much more into the really was so much fun!

Thank you again for your inspiration and the humor you add to everything, I thoroughly enjoy your newsletters!
Keep on keeping on,
Dena Miller
Green Bay, WI