Jeanne McBrayer

McBrayer, Jeanne
I made this quilt for a Safe Child project sponsored by the Capital Quilters Guild of Raleigh, NC. (And we all love Ami and remember her visiting us and doing some great workshops!)

We selected tags similar to an Angel Tree project. All I knew was that my child was a 3-year old boy who liked trucks and the color red. I found monster trucks, construction equipment, school buses, and many other theme fabrics to use.

The quilts go to children whose mothers have escaped abusive homes. Sometimes they have literally nothing when they arrive at Safe Haven. When the quilts are distributed, a volunteer explains to the mothers how they can use the quilts for learning games.

Jeanne McBrayer
Wake Forest, NC

This quilt was made with the "Window On The World" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.