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May 2012

Yes, humbled by Mother Nature again. Last month we had a wind storm blow through. It broke off a large tree branch from the tree in the front yard. The branch came down on the wires that ran from the pole to our house and took out our power, cable, and phone lines.

We're really lucky we have a generator, so we were only without phone and Internet for a little more than a day. Still, it is humbling, and frustrating, to be un-hooked. Thank goodness I had my iPhone so I could arrange all the repairs. Now all that's left are the bills, most of which our insurance should take care of. On to more FUN things!

If you've ever wanted to buy a copy of Picture Play Quilts, now's your chance. I'm offering a 20% discount, plus when you buy ONE book, you get TWO books free! If you're counting, that's three copies, all autographed and inscribed if you so desire. With priority shipping it's in your hands for just $24.65. Yes, I am insane.

And THAT'S a deal!

You should click here and order one before you read any farther, especially if you want your books to arrive before Mother's Day. The deal ends Friday at noon. Donít wait.

Picture Play Quilts are made from "conversational" fabrics that have pictures of all sorts of things on them. (Think "I spy.") You'll have a blast collecting fabrics and the children in your life will love the Picture Play Quilts you make from them.

The book has easy-to-follow patterns for 15 great quilts. They're all made from squares, so if you were thinking you'd have to work with hexagons, you can relax. You get 10 plastic templates. Five are used to audition the motifs on the fabric so you know in the store if it will fit the quilt you're collecting for. The other five templates get taped to the underside of your rotary ruler to help you center them and cut them perfectly. Pretty clever, eh?

Plus I've shared 24 games to play with the kids who receive these quilts. You're not just giving a quilt, you're teaching language skills, encouraging creativity, and building self-esteem as you play with it.

We're getting some warm weather in the forecast again; it's been rainy and cold. So, get your panties in a bunch and send them to me so I can make them pretty colors. Details (and giggles) here.

I'm off on Saturday for a visit with the Ohio Valley Quilt Quilters' Guild. There are a few spaces left in my Invisible Applique workshop on Monday, May 7th. Check out my teaching schedule and you'll find an email address for more information about taking the workshop if you'd like to come.

Later this month, on the 14th, I'll be with the Macomb County Quilt Guild in Clinton Township, Michigan.

The String Star Online Class is winding down. Almost 60 photographs of work in progress were uploaded to our virtual classroom. More than 275 comments were posted. Dozens of private emails flew back and forth. And, not a single ugly quilt in the bunch! Well done! It's been a lot of fun. If you're interested in the next session of the String Star Online Class, head over here and put your name down on the list. As soon as we have enough students I'll offer it again, probably late summer or early fall.

Yes, I stepped away for a minute and the dog hopped up on my chair and wrote a blogpost

Michelle Kloeti from Auburn, Alabama shared her completed Twisted Sisters quilt.

My mom was born on May 18th. She would have been 89 years old this month. It's been eleven years since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and almost four years since we lost her. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. Tears still spill out.

It's funny the twists and turns our lives take. I would never have become a quilter were it not for the Amish women I met in college. I would never have become a traveling quilt teacher had the school district for which I was teaching not run out of second graders for me to teach. And I never would have started a nonprofit to raise money for Alzheimer's research had this vile disease not turned my mother's life inside out.

But here I am. My parents made it possible for me to go to college. Mom accompanied me on my very first quilt lecture. We fought Alzheimer's together.

Hugs to all the moms, and their children this month. Make it a time to celebrate the special bonds between you and to acknowledging the twists of fate that make us each who we are.

And if you happen to have a moment or two, head over to The auction quilts are up and we've got quilts for sale, just in case you need a Mother's Day present for someone special.

Thanks for reading my newsletter. See you again June 1st.

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