Mary in Clearwater, FL
We live in the family room, so our "living room" never had a sofa or TV in it since we've lived here. Instead, it is called our hobby room.

Most of my stash is in the stacked filing cabinets. My daughter wrote the fabric types on the front of each drawer to tell what's in them (denim, cotton, silk, knits, etc.). On top are two under-bed bins with more fabric. Between the main cabinets and the china hutch is my radio, which is sitting on top of two more under-bed bins, which are on top of the two Rubbermaid bins which house my daughter's stash (she's 14). With one leaf out, the dining room table hosts a 40" X 72" cutting mat on top of a flannel-backed plastic tablecloth. Beyond the cutting table, the ironing board overlooks the patio and pool through sliding glass doors. At the left forefront is my husband's stained glass work area.

To the right of the main cabinets is a rolling office cart with several short drawers, containing the small stuff (scissors, pens, needles, etc.), then a filing tote on top of that. In the corner, beyond the machines, is a pattern cabinet, which contains two drawers of patterns, medium and large sized notions and tools, and a small quantity of craft items (pony beads, ribbon, etc.). You can sort of see "stuff" on top of the pattern cabinet, but my regular threads are on racks on top of this cabinet.

The sewing machine and serger are on a U-shaped table designed for that purpose. This table was bought second-hand. Between the right end of this table and the trash can is a rolling cart which came with the table, to fit under the center part of the U-shape. This has two drawers of serger thread and the top drawer has machine feet and the small vacuum attachment. To the right of the machines are two short book cases, which fit under the picture window. You can see the small clear bins with blue tops, which contain elastics and other trims and miscellaneous items, piled in front of the bookcases.

Clearwater, FL