March 2012

March 2012
The Ami Simms Newsletter
March 1, 2012

1. Scooter Blogs
2. Flint, Michigan Workshop
3. Online Workshop in April
4. Call For Quilts
5. Texas Quilters
6. Allow Me To Demonstrate
7. Sew & Tell
8. Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

While I was away, Scooter took the opportunity to blog again and share pictures and a video.

I'm opening up the @Home Classroom again, this time for a Fabric BOWLing workshop on Saturday, March 24th. Come to my house and make awesome fabric bowls by wrapping fabric around clothesline and then coiling and zig-zagging the clothesline into fabric bowls. This will be the official introduction of my new PowerWrapper which holds the clothesline taught for superior wrapping. It's the only quilting tool I can think of that you sit on. No kidding! Comfort and speed! Wow!

If you live in southeastern lower Michigan, or you just like to drive great distances, grab a friend and come to the class . I can only take about a dozen students, so don't delay. Sign up now.

Don't drive anywhere and take advantage of online learning. The String Star class I offered in February was a huge success, so I'll be doing another one at the end of April. It's the equivalent of a 6-hour "real time" workshop (9 hours if you make the pieced border) spread out over 19 days. Six lessons will appear in our virtual classroom, one every day for six consecutive days starting April 23rd. You can email me to ask any questions you might have for the first 10 days of the class. The last 9 days are on your own (should you need more time) and then the lessons will be removed from the classroom.

Work at your own pace, and on your own schedule. Use fabrics from your stash. Sign up here.

If you've taken a Dancing Spools workshop from me and haven't had a chance to send in photographs of your completed quilt (quilted and bound) for my web page, please send ONE image to with your first and last name, where you took the workshops, and anything else you'd like to add. I want to make you famous!

I'll be speaking at the Bayou Vista Community Center (corner of Neptune and Marlin) in Bayou Vista, TX on April 19th for the Mainland Morning Quilt Guild of Texas City, TX. Please come and join us. Also, there are one or two openings left for my appliqué workshop on April 20th. For more information about either event, please contact Dianne McCrary by email at See my entire 2012 teaching schedule here.

Great tools make quilting easier. As many of you know, I have a selection of my favorite tools on listed by category: drafting, marking, cutting, rotary cutting, sewing, pressing & ironing, display, and "other supplies."

If I could just sit down with you and show you why I prefer one scissors over another, or why I'm all a-flutter over a silly pin cushion… Well, allow me to demonstrate! I'm going to try to add a video demonstration in every newsletter.

I thought I'd start with my favorite pencil sharpener of all time, the 3-in-1 pencil sharpener from General. Get the popcorn ready and watch the video. I should warn you that "the voice" at the end of the video might be a little frightening. I have a cold today, and I don't know how my voice is going to sound until it comes out! Am I ready for radio? Or should I volunteer to narrate a horror flick?

Kathi Massey finished her Twisted Sisters quilt.

Su shared her fabric stash.

The March auction quilts are up! Bid now!

We have a new program called Patrons of Our Art for people who buy our quilts!

Guilds across the country are making quilts for the AAQI! Is yours?

Thank you for reading my newsletter. If you'd like more frequent doses of Ami, please visit my blog or join my FaceBook page.

Have a wonderful March and remember that and I'll be in your email box again in April.

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