March 2011

Ami Simms Newsletter
March 1, 2011

Peg Howard has transformed my Truly Twisted quilt into the coolest pair of earrings ever! They're in production now, so that wait won't be too bad.

Order now, cheap shipping available.

In March I'll be teaching for the Gwinnett Quilters Guild in Lawrenceville, GA and the Cotton Ball Quilters in Opelika, AL. I hope to see you there.

If you hope to see me there too, contact the program chairs to see if there are any openings left in my workshops or if they can put out some extra chairs at the lecture.

If you'd rather see me some place else, ask your Program Chair to contact me and arrange for a trip to YOUR neck of the woods. (And I don't go anywhere else but the neck. Don't ask me about other body parts.)

Later this month I'll be traveling to the premier of our new traveling quilt exhibit about Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope will be shown for the first time at the Hands All Around Quilt Show, March 26-27, held at the Mullins Center at the UMass Campus in Amherst, MA.

I'll be presenting a short program about the AAQI on Saturday and Sunday.

The best way for the AAQI to get media attention is to have local media interview local quilters. If you will be attending the show in Amherst, if you have participated in the exhibit in some way, and if you wouldn't mind being interviewed by local media about your quilts, your connection to Alzheimer's, and your support of the AAQI, I need to hear from you pronto. Don't wait to be asked.

+++ Is the name of a family member or close friend of yours written on one of the 182 Name Quilts?

+++ Did you quilt a Name Quilt for us?

+++ Was one of your Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts selected to be part of the AI:FHTH exhibit?

If you answered YES to any of the three choices and nodded in the affirmative to the paragraph above them, then email me at Then tell me:

A. The connection
B. Your full name
C. Your mailing address, email, and phone number to give to our public relations person.

We need you!

Yes, the March online quilt auction is up, there's a new AAQI Update blog post introducing you to Don Hebert, and about 3 times a day you can read uplifting FaceBook status updates that that will make you feel good all over. Cheer us on with your comments. Find everything you need to know at

We keep selling out of Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors, but we have them in stock again now. They're wonderful! Order here.

You probably know Meg Cox from her book, The Quilter's Catalog. That's how I met her. She listed me in the "Top 20 Quilt Teachers in the US" chapter in her book. No doubt that was a typo, so please don't tell her.

She says she thought it was a hoot that years ago I taught an appliqué workshop in an airport during a layover. We commandeered some wheelchairs at an empty gate and had at it. I can't remember where that was any more, but as I remember, it was pretty noisy with all the boarding announcements.

I've also shown people how to appliqué in their hotel bathrooms, not my first choice of teaching venue, but it was impromptu and the light was good. I perched on the toidy lid while my students warmed the edge of the tub.

Meg has a newsletter. You might just want to read it.

With a very heavy heart I must report that Madison is no longer with us. A week ago today we had to make the most difficult decision any pet owner has to make. We had to let him go.

There is more to read on my blog, along with my favorite photographs of him. Your comments have been overwhelming. I have read each and every one of them and thank you so much for offering your sympathy in such a caring way. It has helped a great deal. It was a pleasure to share Madison with you. I just wish it could have been for a longer time.

I still check for a tail before I roll back my chair, I expect his nose at the door when I come in the house, and every place he used to be is empty---except for the stray bit of hair he's left behind. I still walk over to make sure the door to the backyard is locked when I leave the house, even though nobody has gone in or out for a week now. Things just aren't the same. And it hurts.

I'll be back in your mailbox next month, hopefully with a lighter heart. By then spring will be on its way and the sun will come out again.

Ami Simms
Mallery Press, Inc.
4206 Sheraton Drive
Flint, MI 48532

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