The Ami Simms Newsletter
March 2009
Copyright by Ami Simms

Greetings from Norfolk International Airport. Iím flying home from the 20th Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I had three days of classes, two lectures, and lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who attended. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

If youíre not signed up to get my blog emailed to your inbox, youíve missed Madisonís whining about my multi-tasking, and Madison moaning about my new web page. Then there was me complaining about having long legs and loyalty punch cards at ďourĒ Chinese restaurant. I also went fishing for compliments, and decided to celebrate spring in a most unusual way. Best part is, you can celebrate with me! Read about The Yo-yo Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties!

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Would you like to make it easier for your guild to bring in speakers? Tell your program chair about They can find information about local, regional, national, and international teachers all in one place. Each teacher has her/his own web page with a photo, home town, a list of their specialties, the types of presentations they offer, a biography, and sometimes even testimonials from students and others.

For just $15 a year (thatís only $1.25 a month) your program chair can download a Teacher Fact Sheet for every teacher on the web site and save hours and hours of time searching on the Internet for the information they need to bring teachers to your guild for exciting and informative programs. These Teacher Fact Sheets have expanded contact information, fees and expenses, lodging requirements, contract preferences, experience, and more. Itís all in a standardized format and all on ONE PAGE for easy comparisons. Your program chair can create a reference book that will help your guild now and all year long.

With your guildís subscription your guild will also be listed on so that people who move to (or travel to) your community can find YOU! Itís a great resource you can be a part of right now. Check out

Do you know a teacher who could benefit from a listing on Tell them about it! They can sign up here.

ALZHEIMER'S ART QUILT INITIATIVE VERY SMALL QUILT AUCTION The quilts are up and the auction is going on right now. Don't miss the fun! It's easy to bid and you're helping a great cause!

Give it a try!

Nancy Metzger finished her Twisted Sisters quilt that she started in last month's workshop in Kentucky. To admire it, click here.

If youíre getting flack about buying too much fabric, check out the new stash photo submitted by someone with a last name incredibly similar to mine.

Do you live in the greater Chicago area? Iíll be visiting the Kankakee Quilt Makers and the Riverwalk Quilters Guild in Illinois later this month. I'll be teaching in Birmingham, Michigan and presenting two lectures in Marion, Indiana in April. Check out the contact information for guilds sponsoring these events along with the rest of my teaching schedule.

Contact the appropriate program chairs to see if there is an opening for you in one of my workshops. Theyíre the ones who can tell you if there are any empty seats for my lectures too.

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