March 2001

Dear Mom,
Iím back in circulation again, thank goodness, and weíre making up for lost timeórunning errands, eating out, you name it.

Iím also trying to squeeze in my beauty sleep.

Iím still helping in the office every day. Here I am helping Miss Ami arrange this monthís door prize for her web page.

Iíve also been quilting. Miss Jennie helps too. Here we are sorting fabric squares. I can do that because Iíve given up eating large pieces of fabric. Itís OK because Iíve always been partial to the little scraps Miss Ami drops on the floor anyway. And the threads. And lint. And any small particles on the floor that might be thread or lint. And crumbs of any sort or flavor.

Iíve all but given up snarfing things around the house, too. Iím down to one or two sneak attacks on the dishtowels, stuffed animals, newspapers or small hand held electronic devices a day, just to keep my paw in, so to speak. Miss Ami refuses to play, she just grabs her fabric spray bottle, changes the spray nozzle from a fine refreshing mist to ďstunĒ and zaps me right in the face. Half the time Iím so startled I drop whatever it is mid-drool.

Except gloves. I love gloves. And dishtowels and gym shoes. But mostly gloves. I like to hang on to gloves for as long as I can.

The big excitement around here is my recent discovery: Dog TV. Itís great. Weíve got sets in every room and theyíre always on. I can sit for hours and watch. We have the interactive kind. If you bark loud enough you can get the TV personalities to do stuff, like run or twitch.

Mostly itís the same station on all the sets, but you get different programs throughout the day. We have birds in the morningÖ

Ö squirrels in the afternoon, and deer, opossum, skunk and raccoons at night. Iím not allowed to bark or scratch the window so I just make faces at them and run back and forth a lot. And sometimes I forget and I bark and scratch and make faces all at the same time and everybody in the whole house shouts my name all at once! Geez, I hate that!

Iím going to be going back to Leader Dogs for the Blind soon and Aunt JoAnne, my puppy counselor, thinks Iím going to do great. I hope so. Iíve been working pretty hard. Miss Ami has been looking at the calendar a lot these days. She counts the boxes, plays with my ears, and then goes and blows her nose.

Hope youíre doing great, Mom. I think about you a lot. Big tail wags in your direction.

©2001 by Ami Simms