Pin Place / Scissor Spot

Pin Place / Scissor Spot
Item# PP-SS

Pin Place / Scissor Spot
This is just too handy. Yank a pin out before you drive over it and fling it at this suction cup with a magnet on top. "Click!" It sticks!

Or toss your thread snippers at it so you always know where they are.

Park the second bobbin you just filled for your current sewing project and you won't lose track of it.

                The Pin Place / Scissor Spot sticks to most machine surfaces and comes with a peel & stick disk to increase "suction-ability." It is on the back of the instructions and you'll find those between the folded cardboard packaging inside the plastic bag.

This is super helpful for textured machine surfaces. Even if you don't need it now, don't throw it away. It could come in handy for another machine.
To remove the PP/SS, just pry it off the surface of your machine with a fingernail under the suction cup. Note, over time air will seep in. Just moisten the suction cup and re-attach.

How did I ever live without this?!

This tool is safe for computerized sewing machines!

Steve says if he thought it would stick to my forehead he'd suggest I get one for my car keys. Just can't keep track of those....