Manevitz, Viviane (2)

Manevitz, Viviane (2)
I initially made the yellow and red Mickey Mouse ball for my grandson Adam who will be 18 months this April. He loves Mickey and calls it MiMi. I had Mickey Mouse fabric in my fabric stash and fussy cut the shape so Mickey is prominently displayed on the wedge. I made Adam a size large. I followed your recommendation and made the large size first and then the extra large later. It is a lot of work but oh so well worth it and I admit that I am addicted to making more as I love the end result. I can just imagine the look on both of my grandsons' faces when I will give them the ball with their favorite character peering at them at each turn of the ball. Thank you for coming up with such fun pattern!

Viviane Manevitz
West Hempstead, NY

Manevitz, Viviane
I made a second puzzle ball for Adam's older brother Jack whose love of Mickey has been legendary since he was about a year old. He just went to Disneyworld this past February and got to meet Mickey in person. I fussy cut a different Mickey Mouse fabric I had so they will each have their own Mickey puzzle ball. Jack got the extra large size.