Lori Malloy

Malloy, Lori
Oh, the angst that accompanied this quilt!!

My dear Aunt Marilyn turned me on to the idea of making 'I Spy' quilts for my kids. I'd wanted an easy project to start with, so she set me up with a bunch of 4" squares. That's were the headaches (and the fabric hoarding) began.

I had pieced nearly an entire top of 4" squares when I found Ami's Picture Play Quilts pattern book. A simple block pattern would no longer do, I HAD to have the Sweet Dreams pattern! Yes, I ripped out all my seams and re-cut and re-pieced. And then of course I had to make one for my son, too.

After having finished this one, I see so many things that I'd do differently... (oh how I wish I had a 1/4" foot to start with) and of course I've found even cooler fabric in my travels. Does this cycle ever end?!

Thanks for letting me share here!!

Lori Malloy
Athens, Ohio

(Lori, happily, once the quilting bug bites, you're infected for life. Enjoy!)

This quilt was made with the "Sweet Dreams" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.