What's with the NEW LOGO?!

What’s the real reason behind the new logo? Over the last four years at least 7 people have come up to me asking if that was ME in the logo and why was I “flipping them the bird!”

I was NOT flipping anyone the bird! HONESTLY people, that’s my thumb, index finger and (yes) middle finger (WITH thimble) up. Not JUST the middle finger! (Click on the picture, you’ll see….)

I might be irreverent (and plenty of times I’m irrelevant) but I wouldn’t show ANYONE the digit that wears the thimble. And NEVER a fellow quilter! The most I would EVER do is hang up after a telephone solicitor interrupted my dinner and mutter the word “IDIOT” as I replaced the receiver loudly in the cradle.

The thought that so many people questioned my logo got me thinking about the dozens more out there lurking who may also have incorrectly assumed my intent but never had the opportunity to confront me and learn the truth. I couldn’t sleep nights, so I had the logo redone.

We raised yet ANOTHER finger, leaving only the pinky in the “down” position so even the most presbyopic quilter will certainly see that there are multiple digits up against my face and none of them are flying solo.

As Paul Harvey would say, “Now you know the REST of the story.” (And HE certainly wouldn’t flip anyone the bird either!)