Life's Ups & Downs

Life's Ups & Downs
Who knew that pushing the button to go DOWN to the parking garage would send the elevator UP to the fourth floor? Well, ALMOST to the fourth floor. Our little OTIS stopped about 6 inches shy of the fourth floor and then refused to open. Thankfully I wasn't in there by myself. Janis (left) and Roberta (right) were in there with me.

As you can see from the photographs, this was serious business.

First we banged on the door and yelled. Then we pushed the Emergency Call button. Our random pushes were then replaced by a lively rendition of SOS, which is three longs, followed by three shorts, and another three longs. ---…--- Or, perhaps it was the other way around. …---… The way I saw it, if I just alternated between longs and shorts over and over again whoever was listening wouldn't know if I was at the beginning or the middle. Sort of like saying LEMON TREE over and over as fast as you can: LEMON TREE LEMON TREE LEMON TREE LEMON TREE LEMON TREE, see what I mean? It didn't matter. Nobody was listening.

Amazingly I was able to get a signal on my cell phone. More amazing still, I had the telephone number of the Spokane Club (owner of the elevator) on my itinerary and that was in my purse! And, miracle of miracles, I actually was able to find it in my purse.

Between giggles I dialed the front desk and told them we were stuck in their elevator. First thing they wanted to know was WHERE we were stuck. Well, at the time, it was hard to tell as it all kind of looks the same when the doors are shut.

Shortly after that, they found us. Our first rescuer wanted to know "Who are you?" We thought we'd play it safe by answering "Quilters." Our luck, this was somehow self-inflicted. Perhaps one of us stepped ON the crack when we walked into the elevator instead of stepping OVER it, or maybe we pushed the button incorrectly. We wanted to remain anonymous.

And than I wondered if we were somebody annoying, maybe they wouldn't rescue us. "I'm the slob in room 401 who moved your 300 pound desk so I could plug in my laptop and I left little pieces of thread on the carpet. I also stole your little bars of soap."

I needn't have worried. The elevator repair guy was called. When he came he instructed us to do some diagnostics from inside the cab. (That's the people part of the elevator, where by this time we were happily sitting down on the floor.) He wanted us to make sure none of the buttons were stuck in the depressed position. They weren't, but we were missing our dinner reservation at Clinkerdagger's and that in itself was a little depressing.

We played with the red STOP button (which set off an enormously loud siren) and then patiently waited for the doors to be pried open. The whole thing was over in 30 minutes and we had bragging rights for the rest of the night. And yes, we refused to get out before posing for a picture with our rescuer. (I'm always thinking!)

Clinkerdagger's was worth the wait. I had the halibut with crab salsa and it was FANTASTIC! I should have taken a picture of THAT! If you're ever in Spokane, go to Clinkerdagger's---just for the halibut.

Here's Who YOU'D Like To
Get Stuck in an Elevator With

I'd like to be stuck in an elevator with Peter Cetera (former lead singer of Chicago). I've been a fan of his for many years and I'd love to get him alone so I could ask him all kinds of questions about his music, life, etc. Also, it doesn't hurt that he's incredibly handsome!!

Ellen DeGeneres. She'd keep me laughing, and that would take my mind off the situation. I wonder if she quilts....

I'd want an elevator repairman. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger! He's my idol, for his unimpeachable integrity, beautiful compassion, and the example he has set. I would just about die of happiness if I could meet and talk with him.

I'm not sure I would want a specific person, just some good light, my handwork, and a couple of quilting friends.

I'd like to be stuck with Richard Simmons. At the end of the ordeal, and with his urging, I would be only a shadow of my former self (with very baggy clothes). The only downside (and it's a big one) is that we would need to be stuck a long, long time.

I would want to get caught in a stuck elevator with GOD. Can you think of anyone more capable of keeping you safe and getting you out of the situation?

Oprah: She has so much money they would get us out quick and she could spring for dinner.

Why Ami, don't you know it would be with YOU! Who else could have such a great time during a scary situation!

Sean Connery

Bill Clinton. Because it's been a loooong time since I've had sex in an elevator!

I'd choose Oprah Winfrey. She's smart and funny. She's famous enough that people would be working really hard to get the elevator fixed ASAP as soon as the realized she was stuck in there. And she's met loads and loads of other interesting people from all walks of life, so she'd be fascinating to talk to while we waited.

If I ever happened to get stuck in an elevator, I would want to be stuck with either the late Pres. Ronald Reagan and/or Bette Midler.

I would like Antonio Banderes and… Well, that would do!

My quilting, embroidering and everything friend Nita - we can talk for four hours and still not be finished. We also have good laughs together!

That is easy - Tom Jones. I have been in love with him almost as long as my husband. I think Tom and I have grown old together. He still thrills me when I hear him sing and see him dance. Yes, my husband knows that Tom is my second love!

Well, this is a difficult question but I would like to be stuck in an elevator with someone with a good sense of humor like my husband or someone like you!!! I would definitely have a very long list of who I would NOT like to be stuck in an elevator with but I won't go there.

ELVIS! If he can reappear in my stuck elevator, he can surely get us out.

You!!! I dearly love your sense of humor -- we'd have a blast!!!!!

I would like to be stuck on an elevator with my husband............he is a retired elevator installer!!!

I'd most want to be stuck on an elevator with Oprah Winfrey, although not the ideal conditions for meeting my favorite famous person, but she would undoubtedly make the most of the situation. Ami, can you hook me up?

Jan Greenberg would chose Barbara Grano to get stuck with in an elevator...She is calm, resourceful, fun,& funny....and one of my very best friends! We could pass the time taking....and still have more to say!

Maya Angelou - For the opportunity to share with such a shinning spirit.

I'd like my best friend Suzy Seed (of Sulky fame) to be with me. If I couldn't have her, I guess that my husband, Jim, would be my next pick. You know how that is!

Other than eye candy, I think that serious conversation with these gentlemen would be stimulating. For example Paul Newman, in two areas his life experiences in terms of acting and just life in general as well as his involvement with Camp Hole in the Wall. Mel Gibson in terms of his moving from actor to director and why he made the passion of the Christ? and his religious philosophy. Johnny Depp well because he picks some unconventional acting roles, how does he prepare for them and he does not share too much info in interviews. There are a bunch of other people that I would love to be able to talk to on a more personal basis since I think there is always something more behind the public persona. But these three guys came to my mind first so that's why I put them down. Although the Fab 5 from Queer eye may be interesting too in terms of redecorating my house and husband.

Not really a person to be stuck with, but I met my husband while I was stuck in an elevator alone. It was an old-fashioned elevator with the glass doors and the gate. He had been bored enough to figure out how to unlatch the inner gate, so when he saw me through the glass door (as he was walking up the stairs -- pretty ticked off at whoever was holding the elevator!), he was able to show me how to unlatch it from the inside. My hero!

Colin Firth. He is scrumptious, and I just love the British accent.

A great mechanic? Or, Katie Couric because she is so darn sweet, upbeat and bright and would be fun to spend time with. Well then there’s drooling (my husband not included)………..Paul Newman would be a joy to look at but then I don’t think he is too congenial with fans. Then there is talent………..Several musicians come to mind but since a piano wouldn’t fit in the elevator……Maxim Vengerov is my very favorite violinist and I would love to pass the time listening to him fiddle :>).

My husband.

Any (or all surviving) astronauts who walked on the moon and the men who helped put them there.

I 'm not sure who I would want to be stuck in the lift with but if I was marooned on a desert island I would want my husband, Peter with me. I would have hot and cold running water by nightfall and a flush toilet the next day. Did I say he was an engineer?

Garth Brooks: He could sing to entertain, has a great sense of humor, as well as mechanical experience being on tour and doing wild stunts, and . . . he can park his boots under my bed – anytime!

The Rev. Dr. Ken Bailey, a Presbyterian minister who has lived in the Middle East for many years--for spiritual guidance and knowledge about a scary part of the world. Garrison Keillor for humor and political enlightenment.

I think I'd like to be stuck with Jonathan Winters or Robin Williams ....... or my first 'Ex-" husband who is a dead-ringer in appearance and personality to the latter celebrity = Funny but you wouldn't want to LIVE with it forever! ;-)

Robin Williams and many packages of Poise pads to absorb the rivers of pee while laughing so hard.

I would like to be stuck in an elevator with Ami because she has fun no matter where she is and we could also talk about quilting. I always have a project with me and she could help me finish it.

I'm choosing Hugh Grant to be stuck in an elevator with...great accent, boyish good looks and charm to boot! If Hugh is busy, see if you can get me Johnny Depp, but only if he will wear his pirate outfit...shiver me timbers (or whatever)!!!

I would like to be stuck in an elevator with President George W. Bush, because he is such a strong believer in God. I would like to ask him just how he manages to keep his sense of humor with all that he has to do!

Ami Simms, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Teresa Heinz-Kerry and VP candidate first ladies...and we would have some good chocolate in our quilt bags!

My Dear Hubby. He is a Elevator service man. He also used to install them. Once upon a time I was really afraid of elevators but not any more since my Prince Elev. came along. :o)