I do not try to say that I have any form of organization at all with my stash I'm just happy that I finally have all my quilting stuff in one room!!

The two large storage boxes on the top shelf are full of vintage 1920's and 1930's fabrics, blocks, and feed sacks. There are lots of 1930's quilt tops stacked on top of (and around) these boxes, too! The shoebox size storage boxes on the wooden shelves each hold around 20-40 pieces of fabric ranging from FQ's to half yards. At one time these boxes were somewhat organized batiks together, fairies together, 1930's repros together, etc but, they tend to get mixed up with each new project!!

The larger pieces are on the bottom shelves. There are a few other boxes in the room that you can't see - these are large boxes that are just plaids, black and whites, and vintage linens and hand crocheted laces. Oh! And of course I have a large scrap box stashed under my cutting table! I like to use my scraps for paper-piecing projects and it also gives my two kids a supply of fabric that they can cut up and glue to paper!

My husband never complains about my fabric addiction. He is as "into" the Martial Arts as I am "into" quilting, so he spends money on the things he wants, and I spend money on the things that I want! In fact, he took me to the local quilt shop just yesterday because he will be spending money on testing and a new uniform at the end of the month!!

My kids think that I have more fabric than ANYONE, but I try to tell them that my stash is fairly small!! Thanks for letting me share - I am enjoying looking at the photos on your web site!

Cambridge, Iowa