Kristen Anne in Willow Creek, CA

Kristen Anne in Willow Creek, CA
Taking a picture of my small space that is bursting at the seams was the challenge! The room, at the end of my mobile home, is 12 wide by 8 deep. I sit at my sewing machine, my old and loved Bernina 830, for piecing, and hand work and watching birds. This part of my mobile is cantilevered and looks down on a lower flat and then on the Trinity River, flowing by filled with fish that the Osprey and Bald Eagle snag right before me. Some days there is now a Great Blue Heron as well....I have my binoculars and my bird book to identify other visitors as they travel this migratory route.

Black Locust trees give me shade and provide a resting place for jays, robins and migratory birds and there is a hummingbird who even looks in on me from time to time. Oh to be retired and not have to leave for my work at the library on the Hoopa Reservation five work days each week.

The plastic boxes store fabric by types rather than by color...that is how I work best. Behind those boxes a collection of bank boxes filled with fabric from my years as a theatre costumer linger awaiting the purchase of more clear plastic storage containers.

The old drafting table is a perfect fit for my cutting mat which I attempt to keep somewhat clear, and on the right is an old library card catalogue drawer system which is lovely for small collections of fat quarters. On top of it is a little ironing board with my Rowenta and then tucked behind it is my little three thread Juki serger.....I have a large ironing board that I set-up in my bedroom when needed and it is there that I have my Janome 6500.

The little wooden cabinet to the left of the sewing machine (the one with the plastic holders for special papers, and stuff on its side) is filled with fat quarter and 1/2 yards by color. ....when I need to look there is always something. I have old clear plastic film containers on the shelf to the right of the machine that hold miscellaneous buttons and well as my Chinese baskets that hold punch needle supplies, all sorts of needles, a basket of silk ribbons, and just more stuff...I always seem to stack stuff on the floor...see that growing monster next to the machine and there is another monster under the drafting table. Beneath the serger I have plastic boxes filled with painting, foiling and angelina supplies....(the serger and library file sit on an old wooden desk.....and out of view to the back left as you enter the room, behind the drafting table is a curtain covering my stash of embroidery threads.....145 shoe boxes all sorted by color waiting for a wall big enough to once again fill my work space with a rainbow.

My space is small and tight but filled with light (a second large window is behind the library catalogue drawers.)Now, to get out of my tiny office filled with floor to ceiling book shelves on three walls, and get off the computer, and is a day off!

Willow Creek, CA