Pat Klaeren

Klaeren, Pat
Surprise!!!!! I finally finished the Star Quilt and am really please with how it turned out. Have sent it thru a cold water bath to make sure all the markings that I erased were truly gone.

I used a tea dyed muslin for the back, not very pretty but daughter said she would feel better with that than expensive fabric that will get stained when she uses it on the grass for picnics with her two children.

You didn't hold your breath and neither did I and it got finished faster than I thought. The machine quilting always throws me for a loop until I come up with something I like. This is the hardest part of any quilt for me.

I have never taken a class over the net but found yours easy to follow and thank goodness you left it up long enough for late comers like me.

Pat Klaeren
Buchanan, MI